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The Low Down

Frank’s life is in a rut. In his late-twenties, Frank is only beginning to realize that fact. He still shares the same flat with a friend from school. He still works in the same job, where the same employee always arrives late with an excuse. Every night he has to listen to the same woman “yell” Paul outside his window, which is next door to a drug dealer. Read the rest of this entry »

Lion of the Desert

Director-producer Moustapha Akkad and actor Anthony Quinn just can’t seem to get their head out of the sand. After “The Message,” the two teamed up for this epic portrayal of the 1929-1931 war between Mussolini’s troops and a group of Bedouin patriots in Libya. Read the rest of this entry »


His name is Prot (rhymes with vote, not rot) and he claims he’s from the planet K-PAX. The declaration leads to two possible hypothesis: either he’s telling the truth or he’s crazy. Forced to make that distinction is Dr. Mark Powell, chief of psychiatry at the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan. Read the rest of this entry »

Kicking and Screaming

Kicking and Screaming reminded me of the kid whose father takes him to a hooker for his first time. A quick in and out and it’s all over. With any luck, fond memories are all the kid will take from the experience. That pretty much sums up this latest family-friendly sports comedy starring Will Ferrell as a man who agrees to coach his kid’s soccer team. Read the rest of this entry »