Planet Terror

Rodriguez has shot a great movie, but it’s better not to take it seriously: just switch off your brain and enjoy the movie! Team-work with Tarantino has brought some fruits: dialogs in this film are just super! And in addition to it we have perfect scenario, great actors and soundtrack.

Planet TerrorA biochemical weapon has infected multitudes of people. People get the infection simply by breathing in the vapors. Those who catch virus turn into zombies. But if the virus gets into the human’s blood it doesn’t spread immediately. It takes some time. So a go-go dancer named Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) had to amputate her leg in time to stop her body from the total infection.

After that we see Cherry with a big awful gun attached to her stump that can fire at her will. Even through we can’t imagine such technology in real life, it has added some funny notes to the movie.

She and the rest of a group of survivors band together in order to escape to Mexico. The members of this crazy group are: a lesbian doctor (Marley Shelton) who is running away from her abusive husband (Josh Brolin), El Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) who is a man with a hidden past. They have to fight with zombies to survive, so they are armed to the teeth and to the “legs”.

Yes, the plot is old and banal, but Rodriguez has inspired the movie by folly, fun and huge dose of firing and shooting.
Without getting into spoiler territory, this is a difficult film to review since the plot is so simple and basically non-existent. Anyway, the film is cheesy and ridiculous more than over the top.

The director has painted a plot by witty dialogs, charismatic and vivid characters, and high-class action. I have always respected Robert Rodriguez. He has helped open the door for the “do it yourself” filmmakers. Planet Terror proofs that independent filmmakers like Rodriguez can make a better horror film than the Hollywood filmmakers can, and give the true horror fans what they really wait for.

Planet Terror has all classical components of a horror film: the action, blood, guts and gore; but in spite of everything you can’t stop watching it! I’m sure t
I adore Rodriguez, because he makes everything by himself – he shoots, he writes a plot, he makes a performance, and even music – all in one director!

Talking about soundtrack – it is worth to be discussed! The music was all written and performed by director Robert Rodriguez himself. Heavy guitar riffs, early 70s keyboards, orchestral music – all these components are perfectly mixed to renew in mind the early 70s and 80s.

This film is full of special effects in this film. I should say special thanks for Cherry’s leg. There are some great stylistic make up effects, and then there is plenty of over the top CGI. Both fit the mood of the whole movie. Nevertheless, some effects can’t be considered to look realistic. The colors of the blood and gore almost look to bright, but I suppose it’s done to emphasize the style of Grind house movie.

I liked the actors’ play. From the leading actors to the sidetracks – the cast of this film is really good. Everyone acted in accordance with their character and the actors around them. I praise Rodriguez and his casting director for casting such a great cast for this film. Everyone acted as if they really were the characters they were playing. It was an overall great effort on the entire cast’s part. And I love that classic squint of Bruce Willis.

I think, we should add “Planet Terror” to the collection of our beloved works of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Guy Richie. This movie is the same unique and courageous.

Any one who loves action films should watch “Planet Terror”. Literally every shot is full of thrilling skirmishes, stunning explosions, anarchy and chaos. And even in such hard moments heroes crack really great jokes… so it is just super! This is most definitely a much better experience when you can laugh and cry watching one movie.

By the way, it was the first movie I’ve ever seen in the cinema that was praised by the audience with periodical applause.

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