Good Luck Chuck

Nice and fresh Jessica Alba is the one the young actresses who looks great among other testosterone-soaked young moviegoers. She has such sweet appearance that she can bring a success to even bad movie like “Into the blue”. She is starring in new film “Good Luck Chuck” with Dane Cook who is one of the most popular comic-actors in America.

Good Luck Chuck, Jessica Alba, Dane CookThis movie tries to be a sentimental love story, an incredible (and also obscene) comedy and a soft-core porno movie 3-at-once. Maybe this kind of movie is what young people want to see, but it is too full of smutty jokes and sex scenes. The moral code of youth actually suffers from such films. It’s a sex comedy that puts the sex so upfront and center and adds
the laughs.
“Good Luck Chuck” opens with a prologue that is very close to kiddie-porn. And it is just the beginning! The story has begun, when Charlie Logan was 10 years old. He refused to implement the rules of a ‘spin-the-bottle’ game and he was cursed by the girl he played with.
When he grew up he became a successful dentist with perfect muscular sexy body. But he is still under the curse, because he can’t find the right woman.
His friend Stu (Dan Fogler) has the opposite situation: he is not going to stop and find the only one woman to marry her. Just the opposite! He tries to tempt and have sex with every woman-patient. Stu juggles breasts all day long. He plays the boorish, oversexed, foul-mouthed devil to Charlie’s chivalrous saint.
At the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Charlie finds out that anyone who sleeps with him meets their true love the next day. He became extremely popular among single women. Hearing of Chuck’s reputation as a good-luck charm, women from all over line up for a quick tryst.
Stu goes along masturbating in warmed-up cantaloupe and steering Chuck to see his good luck charm as a public service. I agree with Stu and would have advised Chuck that he was a love philanthropist collecting merit in the Buddhist after-life.
Even through Charlie has as much sex as he can (dream of every young man), he is unhappy, because he gets tied of sex without love.
Then Charlie meets the woman of his dreams Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba). Chuck falls madly in love with her but the curse continues. How to break the curse? Chuck and Stu come up with some interesting, funny ideas. Chuck decides to have sex with a morbidly obese woman and see if there really is a soul-mate after-effect to the curse… The result was good for that woman, but Charlie was totally depressed…
He must find a way to break the curse or risk losing her to the next man she meets.
Cam Wexler is a pratfall-prone penguin specialist, she is extremely beautiful and independent lady. He doesn’t want to sleep with Cam since, if he does, she will soon fall in love with other guy. He can’t bear the thought of losing her to the curse. So, as much as he’d like to have sex with her, he has to go to great lengths to avoid it.
And at the same time, he’s having sex with all those women who want to take advantage of his curse. They sleep with him and on the next day they meet future husband. So, every day he receives a lot of messages to his mobile and to his email. Director of film applies an idea of split screen, so that we could see him having intercourse with a dozen women at once. At the same time his best friend (Dan Fogler) is copulating with grapefruits!
As Cook’s performance becomes progressively hammy, the jokes get more desperately. But we’ll not tell you the end of this story. You must see it by yourself! Enjoy young and nice Alba who has a sexy-angelic quality that the camera loves. But Alba fans should note that none of the multitude of bare breasts being flashed throughout this movie belongs to the star.
It’s a hardcore comedy with many sex scenes. People watching are going to get tons of funny. But they’re not going to expect the amount of depth that some of these relationships and characters have. Any way, it’s better to watch one time by your own eyes then read thousands of reviews

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