Shortcut to Happiness

Young New-York writer Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) arranges a deal with Devil (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in order to achieve great success in literature and become the bestsellers’ author in exchange of his soul on the expiry of 10 years.

Shortcut to HappinessYears pass by like few hours and very soon our successful writer has to beg Daniel Webster, skilful attorney and Head of forehanded New-York publishing house, to get rid of this awful contract.

This film was shot many years ago and it was Alec Baldwin’s notorious directorial debut, the scenario is based on the novel “Shortcut to Happiness.” Baldwin took his name off the flick as a director. The film was opened with the name “Harry Kirkpatrick” credited as director. But as much as we like Alec as an actor, it’s hard to imagine that any amount of editing and reshooting under his supervision could salvage his complete ineptitude as a director.

Frankly, this story is the classic fable of a man who sells his soul to the devil for fame and fortune and ultimately decides that he wants to get it back. The idea of this film is old and there’s nothing new in it, but I strongly recommend you to watch this movie.

In our days we judge all things: good and bad. If story is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad! On today’s movie market there are lots of low-quality films, but people by and watch! This film is great and it would be a pity if you miss it.

This film belongs to those ones that set us think about the meaning of life, about how to live, about true price of material and spiritual values.

Jabez Stone, originally a farmer, is now a struggling writer from Long Island who tosses his IBM Selectric out his office window in frustration and kills a woman on the street.

The delirious Jabez is then visited by the devil who gets him out of the jam – and offers our hero fame and fortune in exchange for his soul.

Devil is a woman. It is not know-how, but in the context of this movie this idea looks very affordable. If we start thinking about women, we’ll come to a conclusion, that in real life men do their major mistakes because of women.

Devil offers Jabez to fulfill his dream. Young unsuccessful writer asks for success. Of course we understand that he could achieve it by his own, but the price of success is time and hard work. What to do: wait and have nothing or get and loose something?
Devil offers the shortest way, but is the result worth it?

Jabez can’t refuse an offer that will put him in the clear for attempted murder as well as give him what he thinks he’s always wanted – success! Jabez jumps at the deal, but it doesn’t quite work out the way he expects.

Now Jabez has all things: women, money, success, respect… He gets super-rich, builds a mansion, and controls the entire town. But is he happy?

Mr. Stone says that he has NEVER been happy during 10 years at the same time having all he asked for. All he has is nothing, it is a dust. But he has success. Women love not him, but his success. His books sell well not because of his talent, but because of his success. He is respectable person, but not because of his humaneness…

He realizes his mistake too late and there’s no one who can help him. He has exchanged fellowship for imaginary success, his books are terrible and he is not satisfied of his life at all.

Anthony Hopkins doesn’t have a lot of screen time until the climactic courtroom scene, which takes place in a ghostly rural village.

Any way, it is one more reason to think about our life, about our world. Many people say: ‘Why does God allow such bad things in my life?’ But don’t be unfaithful to yourself! Why people accuse God of their own mistakes?
It is devil who tempts people on every corner. But thanks to grace of almighty God – every one of us has a choice! You either serve God or devil. And remember what the Holy Bible says: Nothing is impossible with God. Just let Him lead you.

“Shortcut to Happiness” is a very rare case of a movie you can’t stop watching. It surely has to be seen!

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