Resident Evil: Extinction

The third part of “Resident Evil” is based on a script by series creator Paul WS Anderson. It is the third installment in the series of film adaptations based on the popular Capcom survival horror game series Resident Evil.

Resident Evil: ExtinctionOn one of the recent interviews Milla confessed that she didn’t want to act in the 3rd part of this film, but the script (written by the father of her expected baby) has bribed her by unexpected twists and originality.

This time, Anderson has invited the far more experienced Russell Mulcahy to direct. He has started the film with the semi-naked Milla to please her fans.

As you remember, the first part of “Resident Evil” was full of great episodes like mystic castle, people shut under the class, dogs without skin. Second part wasn’t so memorable, but the new part of this great series of movies gives the audience new amazing special effects and even more! First shots of “Extinction” even return you to the preposterous style of the original movie.
The story of third part of movie is that the Umbrella Corp is trying to find a cure to the T-Virus that has turned the earth into a devastated desert planet. This virus spread across the planet, drying up the lakes, rivers, and continents while infecting the majority of the population. After five years, almost every living creature has become a zombie, and the world itself is on the verge of extinction.
Dr Isaacs (Glen), who disdains the medical ethics, is the head of the research. He actually needs to find Alice (Jovovich), whose blood has the key to an antidote. Umbrella considers re-capturing Alice a top priority because of her blood’s ability to bond with the T-Virus.
Real Alice is on the run through the desert. She literally hacks through the mass of decayed flesh on her way to Alaska, which is thought to be safe from the infection. On the way she meets up with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and a caravan of survivors continues their journey, full of obstacles and barriers.
It is gladly, that new “Residence” hasn’t been lost among other new zombie movies. By the way, Mulcahy’s zombies are designed with sense of humor and inventiveness. Special effects are also great: heavy trucks pressing the multitudes of dead bodies, slowed replay and perfect choreography of short and cruel fight scenes, close-ups and eyes of Mila Jovovich – the highest class!
The scene of raven attack is shut in accordance with the Hitchcock traditions, and it is really sinister. The sky black and full of mad creatures was ignited by the withering glance of Alice. One of the thrilling scenes is when Milla stands under the wave of fire that protects her of rabid ravens.
There are many magnificent scenes like this: Alice armed to the teeth crumbles zombies by her broadswords and the blood drops are hanging in mid-air as large peas. Unfortunately, zombies look some like unnatural – dressed in the same overalls and having equal mugs – they turn the action into the resemblance of computer game.
“Resident Evil: Extinction” has simple plot and characters of heroes. Movie is positioned as a thriller, but the director has used not so many methods to horror the viewer, one of them – laud noises of the soundtrack. Nevertheless, the plot has several nifty twists, including the attack of monstrous mega zombie, and these episodes make this movie quite tense and thrilling.
Visual highlights of the movie include completely deserted Las Vegas covered in sand and an overhead view of zombie hordes converging on an abandoned radio installation. It’s somewhat inspired to watch how Alice applies her killing skills fighting with infected crows.

The plotline is busy and often bewilderingly chaotic, and it keeps us watching. Director Russell Mulcahey includes many scenes with female flash, extensive flesh-and-gore make-up brilliantly, although the bigger special effects are more uneven.
Charming Milla Jovovich is the main reason why this movie is certainly to be watched. By the way, Alice’s new costume was designed by Milla Jovovich’s clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk.

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