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Seed of Chucky

The killer doll is back! The all-new film is the fifth in the popular series of Chucky (“Child’s Play”) horror comedies. Making his directorial debut is the franchise creator and writer of all five films, Don Mancini. The film introduces Glen (voiced by “The Lord of the Rings” star Billy Boyd), the orphan doll offspring of the irrepressible devilish-doll-come-to-life Chucky (again voiced by series star Brad Dourif) and his equally twisted bride Tiffany (again voiced by Jennifer Tilly) Read the rest of this entry »

Wicker Park

In Chicago, the former photographer and presently advertising executive Mathew (Josh Hartnett) is closing a business deal in a fancy restaurant with a Chinese representative, when he sees a woman that looks like his former passion Lisa (Diane Kruger). Two years ago, Lisa and Matthew had a love affair, and Lisa simply vanished when Matthew invited her to move with him to New York, where he had the invitation for a better job, and Matthew is still obsessed for her. Matthew decides to follow Lisa, and when he meets her, he realizes that Lisa is indeed another woman (Rose Byrne) with the same name Read the rest of this entry »

Vampires vs. Zombies

The battle between the living dead and the undead has begun! Read the rest of this entry »

Whole Ten Yards, The

Thanks to falsified dental records supplied by his former neighbor Nicholas Oz Oseransky, retired hitman Jimmy The Tulip Tudeski now spends his days compulsively cleaning his house and perfecting his culinary skills with his wife, Jill, a purported assassin who has yet to pull off a clean hit. Suddenly, an uninvited and unwelcome connection to their past unexpectedly shows up on Jimmy and Jill’s doorstep: it’s Oz, and he’s begging them to help him rescue his wife from the Hungarian mob. To complicate matters even further, the men, who are out to get Oz, are led by Lazlo Gogolak, a childhood rival of Jimmy’s and another notorious hitman Read the rest of this entry »


A young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she’s been kidnapped, and thinks she’s going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn’t know where she is. Read the rest of this entry »

Something’s Gotta Give

Writer-director Nancy Meyers got a chemistry set for Christmas: Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Aside from fleeting moments in Warren Beatty’s “Reds,” it boggles the mind to learn that Nicholson and Keaton have never shared the screen. They’ve been traveling in the same circles for years, it’s hard to believe that it took this long to bring them together. Read the rest of this entry »

Open Water

“Open Water” floats the following irony: A young, burnt out couple, drifting aimlessly in shark- infested corporate waters, sneak away for a vacation, and find themselves drifting aimlessly in shark-infested open waters. Read the rest of this entry »

3,000 Miles To Graceland

“3,000 Miles To Graceland” is one of the most stupefying experiences to come out of a major studio this year. Shot by another music video wunderkind and starring the usually reliable Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner, “3,000 Miles To Graceland” is an unforgiving mess. Nothing makes sense in this homage to gritty crime noir thrillers. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pledge

“The Pledge” begins with the brutal murder of a young girl in a small town. Across town, the local police help detective Jerry Black celebrate his pending retirement. With six hours left on the clock, Black requests to be part of the crime team. Read the rest of this entry »

Bridge of San Luis Rey, The

Five people are killed in a freak accident when a lofty rope bridge collapses. The film details a priest’s journey to discover if there was a divine reason for the bloody disaster. Set in Lima, Peru, during the 18th century Read the rest of this entry »

White Chicks

When brothers and fellow FBI agents Marcus (Marlon Wayans) and Kevin Copeland (Shawn Wayans) accidentally ruin an otherwise painstakingly executed drug bust, getting back into the good graces of their boss becomes a high-priority assignment in itself. With this in mind, Marcus and Kevin take on a case far beneath their usual standards when they agree to escort socialite sisters Brittany (Maitland Ward) and Tiffany Wilton (Anne Dudek) from a private terminal at JFK Airport to their hotel room in the Hamptons. Once there, two considerably higher-ranking agents will take over the girls’ protection Read the rest of this entry »

What Dreams May Come

Even before he dies, Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams) has literally gone through hell. First he loses his two children in a car wreck. Then his wife Annie (Annabella Sciorra) tries to kill herself and ends up in an institution. Adding insult to injury, Chris stops one night to help the victims of a nasty auto accident and ends up a victim himself. Read the rest of this entry »

The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers makes no apologies for it’s crass, crude behavior. This politically incorrect comedy about two louts who crash weddings to get drunk and have sex with vulnerable women wallows in its conviction to shock and amuse. Let the prudes whine, surely there’s enough room at the local theater to accommodate this bawdy comedy which recalled Bad Santa and Bachelor Party. Read the rest of this entry »


Sorry, you can put away those bell bottoms and disco shoes. Boogeyman isn’t a sequel to Boogie Nights, or even an homage to K.C. and the Sunshine Band. It’s another creep in the closet experiment in terror, and I’m not talking about that night Uncle Arthur hid out in my walk-in sniffing the lining of my sneakers. Read the rest of this entry »

Something About Mary DVD

There’s something about Mary, all right. She’s a babe. Not just any babe, but a sweet, good-natured, smart and successful babe. From the moment we meet Mary (Cameron Diaz), it’s love at first sight. You can see why the male characters in “There’s Something About Mary” fall all over themselves trying to be the light in her eyes. Read the rest of this entry »