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Like most Alfred Hitchcock films, the lead character in “Spellbound” is haunted by something in his past. In “Marnie,” Tippi Hedren went over the deep end every time she was exposed to bright red. Jimmy Stewart learns that he has been stricken by “Vertigo” after he lets his partner fall to his death off a high rooftop. Read the rest of this entry »

Nature Unleashed: Earthquake

JOSH, 40’s, a respected engineer, is asked by his company to inspect a Nuclear Power plant in Russia. He’s reluctant to go, but when he discovers there has just been a minor earthquake in the region he’s on the first plane out. The reason for his change of heart? His ex-wife, RACHEL, works at the plant, and his kids, DYLAN, 17, and CHERIE, 14, are living in the area Read the rest of this entry »


When Scotty’s German online pen pal suggests they meet, he initially freaks out. But then he discovers that she’s gorgeous, and heads out with three friends after graduation to meet her. As they travel across Europe, the four friends have comical misadventures Read the rest of this entry »

Judge Dredd

It’s hard to believe that “Judge Dredd” was released only three years ago. It seems like more. It feels like a late 80’s film. Based on the English comic books, “Judge Dredd”is comical all right. Director Danny Cannon spent a lot of money and time to bring “Judge Dredd” to the screen, and what he delivered is a film that can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be a hardcore action film or a live-action cartoon. Read the rest of this entry »