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The Eiger Sanction

It’s amazing how much of a difference 24 years can make. In Disney years, that’s four generations. I was a senior in high school in 1975, and I remember seeing “The Eiger Sanction” on the big screen. I don’t have a review to reference, but I believe that I liked the film. Read the rest of this entry »


The western was all but dead when writer-director Lawrence Kasdan approached Columbia Pictures with the idea of reviving it with “Silverado.” After having written the screenplays for “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” plus directing two extremely popular films, “The Big Chill” and “Body Heat,” Kasdan had the clout to walk into Columbia Pictures with a straight face and make such a request. Read the rest of this entry »

The Descent

The closest I’ve ever come to cave exploring was on Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland. Granted some of the tourists coming the opposite direction were pretty scary, but nothing compared to the horrors that await six women spelunkers in The Descent. Read the rest of this entry »