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Quirky, off-beat romantic drama snuck in under the radar, and it’s low profile should actually help lengthen it’s video shelf life. Why? Because it stars Sharon Stone, who should be able to attract enough fans to make this road movie worth the trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Real women have curves

When it’s not wallowing in hormonal melodrama, “Real Women Have Curves” is a sweet, honest, and enjoyable comedy-drama about a young woman who wants many things in life, but fears she’ll become her mother before she gets to fulfill her dreams. America Ferrera, making her debut, is heartfelt as Ana Garcia, a recent high school graduate who has the talent but lacks the ambition to attend college.
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Bad Company

Sir Anthony Hopkins should be more discrete choosing which movies to make. If he keeps making donkey droppings like “Bad Company,” the Queen may not only ask for his title back, but ask him to give up his citizenship. Read the rest of this entry »

Watchtower / Cruel And Unusual

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It’s impossible not to feel sorry for Stanley Yelnats (Shia Lebeouf), the hero of “Holes,” the new family film from Walt Disney Pictures. The fourth in a time-honored tradition of Yelnats men named Stanley (their last named spelled backwards), Stanley IV had the cards stacked against him long before he was shuffled into a family of eccentric men. Read the rest of this entry »

Fast and the Furious, The

The Fast & The Furious is loosely based on an article in a magazine about street clubs that race Japanese cars late at night. The film stars Vin Diesel as Domenic Toretto, the leader of a street gang that is under suspicion of stealing expensive electronic equipment. Paul Walker plays an undercover police officer that attempts to find out who exactly is stealing the equipment, while falling for Domenic’s younger sister played by Jordana Brewster Read the rest of this entry »

The Departed

In a flood of remakes and sequels, its almost incredulous something as fresh and exciting as Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” can surface. Scorsese isn’t iridescent for remakes or sequels, but “The Departed,” based on the 2002 Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs,” is a crime drama, and no one interprets the ins and outs of the mob drama better than the director of “Casino” and Goodfellas.” Read the rest of this entry »


The first time I saw actor Joe Torry, he played a gang member’s brother on television’s “ER.” He blamed Anthony Edwards’ character Mark Greene of allowing his brother to die, and was suspected in the brutal beating of Greene in the men’s restroom. It was an intense, angry role, and Torry played it so well that I had a hard time warming up to him in the wild, romantic comedy “Sprung.” It didn’t take me long to warm up to “Sprung,” however. Read the rest of this entry »

Joy Ride

The plot concerns Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker), a young man who decides to go cross-country to pick up his high school sweetheart, Venna Wilcox (Leelee Sobieski), from college. On his way there, he bails his brother, Fuller Thomas (Steve Zahn), out of jail. Fuller, looking for a good time, decides to ride with Lewis Read the rest of this entry »

Fatal Blade

East meets West as the Japanese Yakuza battle drug lords and the LAPD in the streets of Los Angeles.. Read the rest of this entry »

51st State, The

Elmo McElroy (Jackson) is a streetwise American master chemist who heads to England to sell his special new formula – a powerful, blue concoction guaranteed to take you to ‘the 51st state.’ McElroy’s new product delivers a feeling 51 times more powerful than any thrill, any pleasure, any high in history. But his plans for a quick, profitable score go comically awry when he gets stuck in Liverpool with an unlikely escort (Carlyle) and his ex-girlfriend (Mortimer) and becomes entangled in a bizarre web of double-dealing and double-crosses Read the rest of this entry »

20 dates

Interesting concept sends mixed signals. It wants to be a clever documentary, but lacks the honesty and spontaneity. It also wants to be a mock-umentary, and on that level, it works, but only intermittently. Director-star Myles Berkowitz is a amicable person, so it’s easy to invest in his conceit. Berkowitz, a divorcee, is looking for true love. To that end, he has brokered a deal to make a film about his attempts at dating. He’s obligated to date 20 different women, but as he works his way through one bad or funny date after another, he finds true love in Elisabeth Wagner. Now he must choose between true love or completing the film, and the results are more run of the mill than revelatory. Read the rest of this entry »


LLOYD is a sweet and funny 11 year old class clown who’s always getting into trouble with his teachers. Mrs. Crub is the meanest teacher in school Read the rest of this entry »

Planet of the Apes

It is the year 2029: Astronaut Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) boards a pod cruiser on a Space Station for a “routine” reconnaissance mission. But an aburupt detour through a space time wormhole lands him on a strange planet where talking apes rule over the human race. With the help of a sympathetic chimpanzee activist named Ari (Helena Bonham-Carter) and a small band of human rebels, Leo leads the effort to evade the advancing Gorilla Army led by General Thade (Tim Roth) and his most trusted warrior Attar (Michael Clarke Duncan) Read the rest of this entry »

Stars Wars I – The Phantom Menace

It’s really difficult to enjoy the new “Star Wars” film without remembering all that came before. A virtual smorgasbord of visual splendors, “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” manages to be both original and familiar, which creates a beast with more conflicts that the one stirring inside Darth Vader. Read the rest of this entry »