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A love story about two imperfect teenagers who find perfect love. The film follows the story of two teenagers from different worlds—Mark Deloach and Dori Lawrence—as their lives quickly spiral out of control. The rebellious but privileged Mark delves into dangerous antics resulting in a nearly fatal drunk driving accident, and Dori Lawrence, a wild actress and singer slowly loses touch with reality as she suffers from schizophrenia Read the rest of this entry »

I, Robot

For a film that takes place 31 years in the future, “I, Robot” feels dated. Make that carbon dated. Filled with archaic ideas about robots on the rampage, “I, Robot,” based loosely (very loosely) on the Issac Asimov collection of science-fiction stories, is a big budget blender that can’t seem to separate the pulp from the fiction. Read the rest of this entry »