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Domestic Disturbance

You want to feel sorry for Danny Morrison (Matt O’Leary), a 12-year old going through the pangs of divorce. As if the divorce weren’t enough of a jolt, Danny’s situation goes from bad to worse when his mother remarries. Top that off with the realization that Danny’s new stepfather is actually a killer and you have the makings of a made-for-television melodrama. Read the rest of this entry »

Final Fantasy

A lot has been written about “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” a computer generated science-fiction adventure that attempts to duplicate photo realistic people. A lot of time and money, reportedly a lot of money, went into the development and production of “Final Fantasy.” Read the rest of this entry »

Bare witness

Exasperating direct-to-video sex thriller stars Angie Everhart and Daniel Baldwin, and contains the usual array of dumb dialogue, dumb direction and dumb logic. Everhart plays a call girl who wants to go straight, but finds herself trapped in a world of hired killers and political cover-ups. Everhart showed more in Playboy than she does here, which would have been the film’s only calling card. Instead, fans of the ravishing beauty will get a disconnect. (Columbia-TriStar) Read the rest of this entry »