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It looks like it’s going to be a bad summer for New York. First the city finds itself inundated by a giant tidal wave in “Deep Impact.” In July, splinters of a comet smack into Manhattan in “Armageddon,” making the afternoon commute even more horrendous. Then there’s that giant green lizard. Born from ground zero of French nuclear testing in the Pacific, the lizard has a couple of days to kill before nesting, so why not take a bite out of the big apple. “Godzilla” is back, and if this is news to you, welcome back to Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

Bulletproof Monk

Like “Old School” and “Deep Throat: The High School Years,” “Bulletproof Monk” is the latest attempt by Hollywood to bridge the generation gap, bringing together an older star and a younger star in the hopes expanding box office appeal. The strategy backfires, as the only appealing thing about “Bulletproof Monk” was that projectionist managed to keep the film is focus for a torturous hour and forty-four minutes. Read the rest of this entry »