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What Lies Beneath

Norman Spencer, a university research scientist, is growing more and more concerned about his wife, Claire, a retired concert cellist who a year ago was involved in a serious auto accident, and who has just sent off her daughter Caitlin (Norman’s stepdaughter) to college. Now, Claire reports hearing voices and witnessing eerie occurrences in and around their lakeside Vermont home, including seeing the face of a young woman reflected in water. An increasingly frightened Claire thinks the phenomena have something to do with the couple living next door, especially since the wife has disappeared without apparent explanation Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review February


Vanity project for writer-director-star Scott Wiper. This guy can’t write or act, but he does know how to stage effective action scenes. Wiper stars as a former cop who just wants to settle down with his girlfriend back home and have a family. Read the rest of this entry »