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Cynthia, TV producer, has an idea about how to save the station: A normal person’s life should be broadcasted 24 hours a day. “Ed TV” is born the second her eye falls on Ed Pekurny, a sympathetic Joe Sixpack. After the first week on air Eds fame grows and grows, but conflicts break open: His brother Ray publishes a very negative book about Ed, who now dates Ray’s ex; Ed’s parent’s partnership problematics are broadcasted nationwide and a very attractive and seducing model uses innocent Ed to raise her own fame Read the rest of this entry »


Porter is a small time but tough criminal, who’s primary gig, is robbery. Now his friend Val Resnick needs 0,000 to pay back a criminal group known as “The Outfit”. He tells Porter about some Asian couriers who carry 0,000, Porter agrees to it on the condition that they split the take Read the rest of this entry »

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon is a biographical movie on the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Kaufman, along with his role on “Taxi,” was famous for being the self-declared Intergender Wrestling Champion of the world. After beating women time and time again, Jerry Lawler (who plays himself in the movie), a professional wrestler, got tired of seeing all of this and decided to challenge Kaufman to a match Read the rest of this entry »

American Beauty

Lester and Carolyn Burnham are on the outside, a perfect husband and wife, in a perfect house, in a perfect neighborhood. But inside, Lester is slipping deeper and deeper into a hopeless depression. He finally snaps when he becomes infatuated with one of his daughters friends Read the rest of this entry »

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

From Dusk Till Dawn” was the perfect example of what happens when all the right talent comes together to make an explosive film. “Texas Blood Money,” the direct-to-video sequel, is the perfect example of what happens when lesser talent tries to duplicate that formula. Read the rest of this entry »

Breaks, The

A Sunday in the life of Derrick King, an Irish kid raised in South Central L.A. by a Black family Read the rest of this entry »

House on Haunted Hill

When an eccentric millionaire offer a group of opposites ,000,000 to spend the night in a so called “Haunted House” with a murderous past, they figure it is a quick way to get quick money and leave. All of them are sure it is some made up story just to mess with their heads a little and test their courage. But, once they stay in the house they start to think about the mistake they made in coming there when mysterious things start to happen Read the rest of this entry »

Any Given Sunday

When a devastating hit knocks a professional football legend and quarterback Cap Rooney (Denis Quaid) out of the game, a young, unknown third-stringer is called in to replace him. Having ridden the bench for years because of a string of bad luck stories and perhaps insufficient character, Willie Beaman (Jamie Foxx) seizes what may be his last chance, and lights up the field with a raw display of athletic prowess. His stunning performance over several games is so outstanding and fresh it seems to augur a new era in the history of this Miami franchise, and forces aging coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) to reevaluate his time-tested values and strategies and begin to confront the fact that the game, as well as post-modern life may be passing him by Read the rest of this entry »

Haunting, The

A remake of the classic 1963 movie “The Haunting” about a team of paranormal experts who look into strange occurrences in an ill-fated house. Through the course of the night some will unravel, some will question, and all will fight for their lives as the house fights back. Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review June

60’S, THE (NR)

“American Graffiti” asked the question, “Where were you in ’62?” The NBC miniseries “The ’60’s” wants you to recall the whole decade. Josh Hamilton, Julia Stiles and Jerry O’Connell star as three children of a family who don’t just cruise through the sixties, they live it with a vengeance. Read the rest of this entry »

American Pie

At a high-school party, four friends (Jim, Kevin, Finch, and Oz) find that losing their collective virginity isn’t as easy as they had thought. But they still believe that they need to do so before college. To motivate themselves, they enter a pact to try to be the first to “score Read the rest of this entry »

Eye of the Beholder

A nameless private eye (Ewan McGregor) shadows the same woman (who happens to be a serial killer of men) all over the U.S. for 10 + years, without her ever knowing and he strangely enough occasionally acts as her guardian angel Read the rest of this entry »

The Big Chill

I loved “The Big Chill” so much that I swear I must have seen it four or five times in one week. I kept taking back a different group of friends so I could enjoy it through them. My friends and I even went to see ‘The Big Chill” in Hawaii while we were on vacation, even though we had seen it numerous times. That’s quite a testament when you consider that I was willing to spend two hours watching a movie I had already seen numerous times than getting some rays on Waikiki Beach. Read the rest of this entry »

Being John Malkovich

If one is to believe everything they see, then somewhere in a New York building on the 7½ floor is an office that has a small passageway into the mind of actor John Malkovich. Those who enter the passageway find themselves inside Malkovich for fifteen minutes before they are deposited on the shoulder of the New Jersey turnpike. Read the rest of this entry »

A soldier’s daughter never cries

This winning Merchant-Ivory production proves that the filmmaking team is capable of bringing their trademark sensibilities to something more contemporary. Longtime screenwriting collaborator Ruth Prawer Jhanvala and director James Ivory have transformed Kaylie Jones’ autobiographical novel into an absorbing, thoughtful novel about the time she spent with her father, famed writer James Jones (From Here to Eternity, The Thin Red Line). Set in Paris during the turbulent 1960’s and early 1970’s, the film explores the relationship between Kaylie (Leelee Sobieski, absolutely brilliant) and her father (Kris Kristofferson) and free spirited mother (Barbara Hershey). Read the rest of this entry »