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The associate

Before I begin, it is important to note that I absolutely adore Whoopi Goldberg. Sure, she has been in some crappy films, but for the most part, I find her very watch-able. Goldberg did several films for Disney, including the extremely popular “Sister Act.” She later did two films back-to-back that didn’t fare so well at the box office, but found favor with me. They were corny, good, old-fashioned entertainment, but they weren’t crowd pleasers. Read the rest of this entry »

Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss

Brad Pitt better watch out. There’s a new kid in town, and his name is also Brad. Brad Rowe. Remember it. He’s one of the stars of writer-director Tommy O’Haver’s hilarious romantic comedy, “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss.” He’s what you call dangerously handsome. Oh yeah, and he can act. Read the rest of this entry »