DVD Available

Macross II – Polygram

Mad City: Special Edition – Warner (PG-13/1997/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Mad Dog & Glory – Image (R/1993/97 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Mad Max – Image (R/1979/93 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome – Warner (PG-13/1985/106 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/

16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Madonna: The Girlie Show – Warner (NR/1993/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Madonna: Truth or Dare – LIVE (R/1991/131 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Mafia: An Expose (Boxed Set) – Madacy (NR/1998/450 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mafia: Coming to America/Al Capone – Madacy

Mafia: Gotti/Epilogue – Madacy

Mafia: Kennedy Connection/Gallo, Colombo, Bonnano – Madacy

Mafia: Valachi, Luciano, Genovese – Madacy

Mafia: Hollywood – Madacy

Mafia: Vegas/Hoffa – Madacy

Mahjong Dragon – Tai Seng (NR/1997/90 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Manchurian Candidate, The: Special Edition – MGM (PG-13/1962/129 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.75:1)

Mandela – PolyGram (NR/1996/118 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Mandela, Son of Africa, Father of a Nation – Manga

Maniac: Special Edition – Elite (NR/1980/88 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Maniac Cop 1: Special Edition – Elite (R/1988/85 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Man in Uniform, A- Simitar

Man of a 1,000 Faces, The – Image (NR/1957/122 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Man Who Fell To Earth, The – Fox/Lorber

Man Who Knew Too Little, The: Special Edition – Warner (PG/1997/94 Min./

P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Man Who Knew Too Much, The – Delta Music

Man Who Would Be King, The – Warner (PG/1975/129 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9)

Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas Live – American Gramaphone (NR/1997/55 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mars Attacks! – Warner (PG-13/1996/103 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Mary Poppins – Buena Vista (G/1964/140 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Mask, The: Special Edition – New Line (PG-13/1994/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Matchmaker, The – PolyGram (R/1997/97 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1)

Matilda – Columbia TriStar (PG/1996/98 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Maverick – Warner (PG/1994/129 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Maximum Risk – Columbia TriStar (R/1996/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

McClintock – GoodTimes (NR/1963/128 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Mean Streets – Warner

Meanest Men in the West, The – GoodTimes (NR/1967/92 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Meet Wally Sparks – Trimark (R/197/105 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1)

Memphis Belle – Warner (PG-13/1990/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.66:1/5.1 Dolby)

Menace II Society – New Line (R/1993/104 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Men in War – Master Tone (NR/1957/104 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mercury Rising – Universal

Merlin – Artisan

Mesmerized – Digital Multimedia (PG/1986/94 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Message (Mohammed, Messenger of God) – Anchor Bay

Metro – Buena Vista (R/1997/118 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Metropolis – Madacy (NR/1926/115 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Michael – Warner (PG/1996/106 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Michael Collins – Warner (R/1996/132 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Midnight Cowboy – MGM (R/1969/113 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – Warner (R/1997/155 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Midnight Run – Image

Milo – Sterling

Mimic – Buena Vista (R/1997/105 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Mirror Has Two Faces, The – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1996/127 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/

16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Miranda, Carmen: Bananas Is My Business – Fox Lorber (NR/1994/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mississippi Burning: Special Edition – Image (R/1988/126 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Mister Johnson – UAV

Moby Dick – Artisan

Mohawk – Master Tone (NR/1956/79 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Moll Flanders – Anchor Bay (NR/1996/220 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Money Talks – New Line (R/1997/95 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Money Train – Columbia-TriStar

Monkey Business – Image (NR/1931/77 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Monster in the Closet – Troma

Montenegro – Fox Lorber (R/1981/96 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Monty Python: The Meaning of Life – Image (R/1983/108 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Moonraker – MGM (PG/1979/126 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Moonstruck: Special Edition – MGM (PG/1987/102 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

More Animation Greats – Lumivision (NR/1998/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Morissette, Alanis: Jagged Little Pill Live – Warner (NR/1997/87 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Mortal Kombat – New Line (PG-13/1995/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation: Special Edition – New Line (PG-13/1997/91 Min./

P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Mortal Thoughts – Columbia-TriStar

Most Wanted – New Line (R/1997/99 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Moving Target – Simitar

Mozart: Don Giovanni: Teatro Alla Scala – Image (NR/1989/176 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mozart: Cosi Fan Tutte: Teatro Alla Scala – Image (NR/1989/186 Min./Full Frame/16×9)

Mozart: Requiem From Sarajevo – Image (NR/1994/52 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Mr. Bean: Best Bits Of – Polygram

Mr. Magoo – Walt Disney (PG/1997/88 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Mr. Mumble (NR/1996/69 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

MTV: Aeon Flux – Sony Music (NR/1995/120 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

MTV Party To Go #1 – Pioneer (NR/1991/50 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

MTV: Wet Shorts: The Best of Liquid Television – Sony Music (NR/1997/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Much Ado About Nothing – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1993/111 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/

16×9/Dolby Surround)

Multiplicity – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1996/117 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Munster’s Revenge, The – Goodtimes

Murder at 1600 – Warner (R/1997/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

My Best Friend’s Wedding – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1997/105 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

My Dinner with Andre – Fox/Lorber

My Favorite Brunette – UAV

My Favorite Season – Fox Lorber (NR/1993/122 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

My Fellow Americans – Warner (PG-13/1996/102 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

My Giant – Warner

My Girl – Columbia TriStar (PG/1991/102 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

My Man Godfrey – Madacy (NR/1936/95 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

My Night at Maud’s – Fox Lorber (PG/1969/106 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

My Stepmother is an Alien – Columbia TriStar (PG/1988/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/

16×9/Dolby Surround)

My Teacher Ate My Homework – Simitar

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie – Image (PG-13/1996/74 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

NASA: 25 Years (Boxed Set) – Madacy (NR/1998/600 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

NASA: Apollo 17/Apollo Soyuz – Madacy

NASA: The Challenger Disaster/NASA’s 25th Year – Madacy

NASA: Eagle Has Landed/Houston, We Have a Problem – Madacy

NASA: Freedom 7/Friendship 7 – Madacy

NASA: Opening New Frontiers/Launch & Retrieval – Madacy

Naked on the Beach – Simitar (NR/1997/145 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Naked Kiss – Image

National Lampoon’s Animal House – Universal (R/1978/109 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Warner (PG-13/1989/97 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

National Lampoon’s Vacation – Warner (R/1983/98 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

National Parks – Simitar (NR/1989/75 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

National Velvet – MGM (NR/1944/125 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Naturescapes – Simitar (NR/1997/45 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Nature’s Wrath – Simitar

Navy SEALS – Image (R/1990/113 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Net, The – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1995/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Network – MGM (R/1976/121 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1)

New Fist of Fury – Simitar (NR/1976/120 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

New jack City – Warner

Nico Icon – Fox Lorber (NR/1995/67 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Night Flier – HBO (R/1997/97 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Night of the Living Dead – Madacy (NR/1968/96 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Night of the Living Dead – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1968/96 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/2 Channel)

Night of the Living Dead: Special Edition – Elite (NR/1968/96 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Nightmare Before Christmas, The – Buena Vista (PG/1993/75 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1/5.1 Dolby)

Night To Remember, A: Special Edition – Image/Criterion (NR/1958/123 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Nils Lofgren: Live – Image

Ninja Scroll – PolyGram (NR/1995/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

No Mercy – Columbia TriStar (R/1986/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Nosferatu: Special Edition (silent) – Image (NR/1922/81 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Nothing Sacred – Lumivision (NR/1937/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Nothing to Lose – Buena Vista (R/1997/98 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Nutcracker, George Balanchine’s The – Warner (G/1986/89 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/

16×9/Dolby Surround)

Nutty Professor, The (1996) – Universal (PG-13/1996/96 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Oasis: There & Then – Epic (NR/1996/85 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Oceanscapes, Vol. 1 – Simitar (NR/1996/40 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Odyssey: Cyberspace – Sony

Odyssey Into the Mind’s Eye – Sony Music (NR/1996/62 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Of Mice and Men – Image

On Golden Pond – LIVE (PG/1981/109 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Once a Thief: Director’s Cut – Simitar (NR/1996/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Once Upon A Time In China & America – Tai Seng (NR/1997/90 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Warner (R/1975/133 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

One Night Stand: Special Edition – New Line (R/1997/103 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Only You – Columbia TriStar (PG/1994/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Open City – Image (NR/1945/105 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Opening Night – Pioneer (NR/1979/144 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Option Zero: Special Edition – Tai Seng (NR/1997/96 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Orchestra Rehearsal – Fox Lorber (NR/1979/72 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Organized Crime & Triad Bureau – Tai Seng (NR/1993/91 Min./Letterbox/)

Outbreak – Warner (R/1995/128 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Outland – Warner (R/1981/109 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Out of Ireland: The Story of Emigration Into America – Shanachie (NR/1994/111 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Out of Time – Simitar (NR/1991/90 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Outlaw – Master Tone (NR/1943/115 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Outrage – Simitar (R/1993/100 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Ozzy Osbourne: Live and Loud – Epic (NR/1992/112 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Paddle, Hike & Home – Simitar

Padre Padrone – Fox Lorber (NR/1977/113 Min./Letterbox/)

Pale Rider – Warner (R/1985/113 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Pancho Villa – Master Tone (PG/1972/92 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Paper, The – Universal (R/1994/110 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Parenthood – Universal (PG-13/1989/123 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Passenger 57 – Warner (R/1992/84 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Patriots – Simitar (NR/1994/83 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Pavarotti: The Event – Image (NR/1990/87 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Peace Hotel – Tai Seng (NR/1995/86 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Pelican Brief, The – Warner (R/1993/141 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Penny Serenade – Madacy (NR/1941/117 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

People vs. Larry Flynt, The – Columbia TriStar (R/1996/130 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Phantom of the Opera, The: Special Edition (silent) – Image (NR/1925/92 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Phantoms – Dimension

Phenomenon – Buena Vista (PG/1996/123 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Philadelphia – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1993/125 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Philadelphia Story, The – MGM (NR/1940/112 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Piano, The – LIVE (R/1993/121 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Planetary Traveler – Fox Lorber (NR/1997/40 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Planets: Tomita/Holst – Image (NR/1991/55 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Platoon – LIVE (R/1986/120 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Playboy 1997 Playmate of the Year – Image

Playboy: 21 Playmates #1 – Image

Playboy: 21 Playmates #2 – Image

Playboy: Babes of Baywatch – Image

Playboy: The Best of Pamela Anderson – Image

Playboy: The Best of Jenny McCarthy – Image

Playboy: The Best of Sexy Lingerie – Image

Playboy: The Best of Wet & Wild – Image

Playboy: Celebrity Centerfold: Jessica Hahn – Image

Playboy: College Girls – Image

Playboy: Complete Massage – Image

Playboy: Farrah Fawcett: All of Me – Image

Playboy: Girls in Uniform – Image

Playboy: Girls Next Door: Naughty & Nice – Image

Playboy: The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic – Image

Playboy’s Girls of Spring Break – Image

Playboy: Jenny McCarthy: The Playboy Years – Image

Playboy: Playmate Calendar 1994 – Image

Playboy: Playmate Calendar 1997 – Image

Playboy Naturals – Image

Playboy Night Calls – Image

Playboy: Playmate Calendar 1998 – Image

Playboy: Sex on the Beach – Image

Playboy: Sorority Girls – Image

Playboy: Centerfold Stacy Sanches: Playmate of the Year 1996 – Image

Playboy: Video Centerfold: Anna Nicole Smith: Playmate of the Year 1993 – Image

Playboy: Video Centerfold: Julie Lynn Cialini: Playmate of the Year 1995 – Image

Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens, Volume 2 – Image

Playboy: Women Behaving Badly – Image

Playboy: Generation X – Image

Playboy’s Biker Babes: Hot Wheels & High Heels – Image

Player, The: Special Edition – New Line (R/1992/124 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Playing God – Buena Vista (R/1997/94 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Plymptoons – Lumivision (NR/1992/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Pocket Ninja – Simitar

Point of No Return – Warner (R/1993/109 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Pointer Sisters: Live In Africa – Pioneer (NR/1974/40 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Police Academy – Warner (R/1984/95 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Poltergeist – MGM (PG/1982/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Ponette – Fox Lorber (NR/1996/92 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Popeye Cartoons – Digital Disc Ent. (NR/70 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Portrait of a Lady, The – PolyGram (PG-13/1996/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Postman, The – Warner (R/1997/178 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Postman Always Rings Twice, The – Warner (R/1981/123 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Presumed Innocent – Warner (R/1990/127 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Pretty Villages, Pretty Flames – Fox Lorber (NR/1996/125 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Pretty Woman – Buena Vista (R/1990/119 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Pride and Prejudice – Image (NR/1995/310 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Primary Colors – Universal

Prince of Darkness – Image (R/1987/102 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Princess & the Pirate – Simitar (NR/1995/75 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Princess Warrior – Simitar (R/1992/84 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Private Benjamin – Warner (R/1980/110 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Professional, The – Columbia TriStar (R/1994/109 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Prom Night – Anchor Bay (R/1980/91 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/)

Psycho: Collector’s Edition – Universal (NR/1960/108 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Pulp Fiction – Buena Vista (R/1994/149 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Pure Country – Warner (PG/1992/112 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Purple Rain – Warner (R/1984/111 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

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