Films Review October


Flatulent bears, territorial dogs, rude raccoons. I’m not sure this is what Hugh Lofting had in mind when he wrote the original “Doctor Dolittle” stories.

doctor dolittle 2Yet that is what we get in the new Eddie Murphy comedy “Dr. Dolittle 2.” Murphy plays the title role, a people doctor who learns he has the ability to talk with the animals. Like the first “Dr. Dolittle,” which made a ton of money and launched this franchise, the sequel relies heavily on animal bodily functions to get a laugh. Some are funny. Some are not. After a while they wear out their welcome, but that doesn’t stop writer Larry Levin from flinging more pooh at the screen. Please click title for complete review. (20th Century Fox)


A lot has been written about “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” a computer generated science-fiction adventure that attempts to duplicate photo realistic people. A lot of time and money, reportedly a lot of money, went into the development and production of “Final Fantasy.” Based on the popular video game, “Final Fantasy” is indeed a stunning piece of filmmaking. It is filled with breathtaking, gorgeous images and some genuine white-knuckle thrills. What “Final Fantasy” lacks is a decent script, character conviction and a total lack of originality. The screenplay for “Final Fantasy” is just as synthetic as the film. Writers Al Reinert (Apollo 13) and Jeff Vintar had the world at their fingertips and dropped the ball. Except for incorporating elements of the game into their script, Reinert and Vintar could have imagined anything they wanted. Please lick on title for complete review. (Columbia-TriStar)


The guy behind the pharmacy counter didn’t understand. Brain Drain? No, Brain Draino, I told him. Something to clean out my mind. Maybe something that’s bad for short term memory? Maybe I could find one of those guys from “Men in Black” with the memory erasers. Anything to get the nasty taste of “Freddy Got Fingered” out of my mind. “Freddy Got Fingered” is positive proof that you don’t have to have an ounce of talent or sanity to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that name, but obviously co-writer/director/star Tom Green has no problem wearing it on his chest as an emblem of victory. Please click on title for complete review. (Fox)

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