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Action star Mark Dacascos (“Double Dragon”) does just fine in this moderately entertaining thriller about a U.S. Army Special Forces agent who suspects that his base is being used by drug cartels to move product. When his suspicions prove right, John Murphy (Dacascos) learns that the conspiracy involves a base Sergeant (Tim Abell) and his men. Director Mark Lester (“Firestarter”) infuses the B-movie with enough suspense and action to satisfy most thirsts. (Sterling)


vidcass1.gif (2845 bytes)William Petersen (“To Live and Die in L.A.”) is excellent in this seedy thriller about a journalist in search of a career and an Atlantic City gangster looking for a book deal. Journalist Jake Bridges (Petersen) has seen better times, but his life is about to get interesting when he meets mob enforcer Frankie McGregor (Michael Wincott, so creepy even his own skin crawls). McGregor wants a change of occupation, and agrees to team up with Bridges to write his life story. The more he hears, the more Bridges is drawn into McGregor’s violent world. Diane Lane plays the gangster’s girlfriend who is as dangerous as she is beautiful. Director Jeff Celentano does an superb job of making all of this matter, and together with a tight script and honest performances, delivers a straight-to-video effort that demands your attention. (Sterling)


vidcass1.gif (2845 bytes)Shades of “Heathers”! Just as dark and just as funny, “Jawbreaker” is a deliciously vicious little comedy about high school cliques and those who inhabit them. What makes “Jawbreaker” such a delight is that it never takes itself too seriously, and dishes up a giddy mix of high school comedy and horror. Rose McGowan is outstanding as Courtney Shane, the leader of a popular group of girls at Reagan High. Among her cronies are Julie Freeman (Rebecca Gayheart), Marcie Fox (Julie Benz) and Liz Purr (Charlotte Roldan). It’s poor Liz who is the recipient of the aforementioned “Jawbreaker.” It’s shoved into her mouth to keep her quiet when he friends “kidnap” her on her birthday. Unfortunately, poor Liz gags to death on the jawbreaker, setting into motion a plot to cover up the crime. Unfortunately for the girls, class nerd Fern Mayo (a terrific Judy Greer) stumbles on their misdeed, and is instantly made a member of their clique in exchange for their silence. How Fern rises to the occasion is half the fun of this wicked comedy. Writer-director Darren Stein has picked an excellent cast to relate his modern day morality tale. (Columbia-TriStar)


vidcass1.gif (2845 bytes)Tullymore is a small village in Ireland, one of those quaint seaside hamlets filled with colorful characters and a colorful past. There are 53 residents of Tullymore, and like the residents of every small town, they know each other’s business. You can’t keep a secret in Tullymore, or can you? It seems that one of the residents of Tullymore has won the National Lottery, yet no one has stepped forward to claim the prize. Dying of curiosity, Jackie O’Shea (Ian Bannen), his wife Annie (Fionnula Flanagan) and his best friend Michael O’Sullivan (David Kelly) set a trap for the reclusive winner. Click here for complete review. (Fox)


MUPPET’S PROMO (G/Columbia-TriStar)

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