DVD Available

Queen: We Will Rock You – Pioneer (NR/1982/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Quest, The – Universal (PG-13/1996/95 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Quick and the Dead, The – Columbia TriStar

Rabid Dogs – Video Watchdog (NR/1974/Letterbox/1.66:1)

Rachel’s Man – Simitar (NR/1977/92 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Radioland Murders – Image (PG/1994/113 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Raging Bull – Warner (R/1980/129 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1)

Raid on Rommel – GoodTimes (PG/1971/83 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Rain Man – MGM (R/1988/133 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Rainbow Fish – Sony Wonder (NR/1997/30 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Raising Cain – Universal

Ranma 1/2 The Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China – Pioneer (NR/1991/74 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Ransom – Buena Vista (R/1996/121 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Raw Deal – Anchor Bay

Raven, The – Image (R/1997/97 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Real Bruce Lee, The – Essex

Re-Animator: Special Edition – Elite (UR/1985/86 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Real McCoy, The – Universal

Rebel Rousers – Victory Multimedia (R/1970/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Red Arrows: Rolling in the Sky – Pioneer (NR/1996/50 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Red Corner: Special Edition – MGM (R/1997/123 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Red Dawn – MGM (PG-13/1984/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Red Heat – LIVE (R/1988/106 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Red River – MGM (NR/1948/133 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Red Sun – UAV (NR/1972/112 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Red Surf – Digital Multimedia (R/1990/104 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Redding, Otis – Pioneer (NR/1989/51 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Redneck Zombies: Special Edition – Troma (NR/1987/98 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Reincarnation of Isabel – Image

Reggae Movie, The – Pioneer (NR/1995/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

REM: Road Movie – Warner (NR/1996/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Renegades – GoodTimes (R/1989/105 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Replacement Killers, The – Columbia TriStar (R/1998/88 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt: Roaring Glory Warbirds #5 – Program Power

Reservoir Dogs – LIVE (R/1992/99 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Return of Martin Guerre, The – Fox Lorber (NR/1982/123 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Return of the Boogeyman – Simitar (NR/1994/76 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert – MPI

Ricochet – HBO (R/1991/87 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Right Stuff, The – Warner (PG/1983/193 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Ring of Fire: IMAX – Lumivision (NR/1991/40 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Ring of Fire: IMAX (Multiple languages) – Lumivision

Risky Business – Warner (R/1983/96 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

River Wild, The – Universal (PG-13/1994/108 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Road to Morocco – Image (NR/1942/82 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Road Warrior, The – Warner (R/1981/95 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Rob Roy – MGM (R/1995/139 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Robbie Robertson: Going Home – Delta Music (NR/1998/70 Full Frame/1.33:1)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Warner (PG-13/1991/143 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Robinson, Smokey: Greatest Hits Live – Delta Music (NR/1998/86 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Robocop – Image (R/1987/102 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Robocop: Special Edition – Criterion

Robocop 2 – Image (R/1990/116 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Robocop 3 – Image (PG-13/1993/105 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Rock, The – Buena Vista (R/1996/136 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School: Special Edition – Lumivision (R/1979/93 Min./Letterbox/

1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Rocky – MGM (PG/1976/119 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Rocky II – MGM (PG/1979/119 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Rocky IV – MGM (PG/1985/91 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Rollerball: Special Edition – MGM (R/1975/125 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge – Image (NR/1994/94 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Rooster Cogburn – Universal (PG1975/107 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Rosewood – Warner (R/1997/142 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Rossini: William Tell: Teatro Alla Scala – Image (NR/1991/237 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Roswell Report: Case Closed: Declassified Evidence – Image (NR/1997/31 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Royal Hunt of the Sun – Simitar (G/1969/88 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Royal Wedding – UAV (NR/1951/93 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1Dolby Surround)

Rude – Simitar (R/1995/89 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Rumble Fish – Universal

Rumble in the Bronx – New Line (R/1995/91 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Runaway Train – MGM (R/1985/112 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Running Man, The – LIVE (R/1987/101 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Rush Week – Simitar (R/1989/100 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sadist: Special Edition – All Day (NR/1963/92 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? – Fox Lorber (NR/1997/94 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Sanctuary – Sterling

Saviour of the Soul – Tai Seng (NR/1993/94 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Scarface: Special Edition – Universal (R/1983/170 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Scent of a Woman – Universal (R/1992/157 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Scorned 2 – Simitar (UR/1996/95 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Scream – Buena Vista (R/1996/111 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Scream 2 – Dimension (R/1997/122 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Screamers – Columbia TriStar (r)1996/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Sea of Love – Universal (R/1989/113 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Searchers, The – Warner (NR/1956/119 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1)

Secret Games 3 – Simitar (NR/1994/87 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Secret Garden, The (1993) – Warner (G/1993/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Secret Life of Walter Mitty – HBO

Secret of Anastasia – UAV (NR/1992/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Seduction of Mimi – Fox Lorber (R/1972/108 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Selena – Warner (PG/1997/128 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Serenity: Moodtapes – Image (NR/1997/56 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Serpent & The Rainbow – Image (R/1988/98 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Sesame Street: 25th Anniversary – Sony Wonder (NR/1993/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Seven – New Line ((R/1995/127 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Seven Percent Solution, The – Image (PG/1976/113 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Seven Years in Tibet – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1997/136 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Seventh Floor, The – Simitar (R/1993/99 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sex & Zen – Tai Seng (NR/1991/95 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Sex Crimes – Simitar (NR/1992/88 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sexual Malice – Simitar (NR/1993/96 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Sgt. Bilko – Universal (PG/1996/95 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. – Troma (UR/1996/104 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Shadow, The – Universal (PG-13/1994/107 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Shadows – Pioneer (NR/1959/81 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Shakedown – GoodTimes (R/1988/90 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Shattered – Simitar

Shine: Special Edition – New Line (PG-13/1996/106 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Shivers – Image

Shock Corridor – Criterion

Short Cinema Journal 1:1 ISSUE: Invention – PolyGram (NR/1997/137 Min./

Full Frame/Letterbox/1.33:1/2.35:1)

Short Cinema Journal 1:2 ISSUE: Dreams – PolyGram (NR/1997/247 Min./

Full Frame/Letterbox/1.33:1/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Short Cinema Journal 1:3 ISSUE: Authority – PolyGram (NR/1998/135 Min./

Full Frame/Letterbox/1.33:1/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Shout – Goodtimes

Showboat (1951) – MGM (NR/1951/107 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Showdown – Leo Films

Silence of the Lambs, The – Image (R/1991/118 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Silent Running – Image (G/1971/90 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Simple Wish, A – Universal (PG/1997/90Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times (Boxed Set) – Madacy (NR/1998/480 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times: The Early Years/The Radio Days – Madacy

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times: The Friendships/The Rat Pack – Madacy

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times: The Hollywood Years/The Television Era – Madacy

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times: The Humor/Memorable Moments – Madacy

Sinatra, Frank: His Life & Times: Singer/Entertainer – Madacy

Singing’ in the Rain – MGM (NR/1952/103 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Single White Female – Columbia TriStar (R/1992/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/

Dolby Surround)

Sixteen Candles – Image (PG/1984/93 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Sizzle Beach – Troma

Skinner – Simitar (R/1993/95 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Ski World, Warren Miller – Multicom (NR/1997/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Slaughterhouse Five – Image (R/1972/104 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Sleepers – Warner (R/1996/148 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Sleepless in Seattle – Columbia TriStar (PG/1993/105 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Sleuth – Anchor Bay (PG/1972/139 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Sling Blade – Buena Vista (R/1996/134 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Somewhere in Time – Universal

Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin – Simitar (NR/1979/93 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sneakers – Universal (PG-13/1992/125 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Snow, Phoebe-David Bromberg – Concerts at Home (NR/1977/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Snows of Kilimanjaro – Madacy (NR/1952/114 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Solaris – Image (NR/1971/166 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Sometimes They Come Back Again (R/1996/98 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sophie’s Choice – LIVE R/1982/151 Letterbox/Letterbox/1.85:1)

Space Age – Simitar (NR/1992/232 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Space Jam – Warner (PG/1996/80 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Spartacus – Universal ((NR/1960/196 Min./Letterbox/2.20:1/5.1 Dolby)

Spawn, Todd MacFarlane’s: Special Edition (Animated) – HBO (NR/1997/147 Min./

Full Frame/1.33:1Dolby Surround)

Spawn: The Movie: Special Edition – New Line (R/1997/94 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Specialist, The – Warner (R/1994/110 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Species – MGM (R/1995/108 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Sphere: Special Edition (PG-13/1998/134 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Spice World – Columbia TriStar (PG/1998/93 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation – Lumivision (NR/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Spirit of the Eagle – Simitar

Spirits of the Dead – Image (R/1968/117 Min./Letterbox/1.75:1)

Spiritual Kung Fu – Simitar (NR/1978/95 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sports Bloopers Encyclopedia – Simitar (NR/1996/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Spy Who Loved Me, The – MGM (PG/1977/125 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Stagecoach – Warner (NR/1939/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Stand By Me – Columbia TriStar (R/1986/87 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Stargate – LIVE (PG-13/1994/119 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Starman – Columbia-TriStar

Star is Born, A (1937) – Image (NR/1937/111 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Star is Born, A (1937) – Master Tone (NR/1937/111 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Star Kid: Special Edition – Trimark (PG/1998/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Starship Troopers – Columbia TriStar (R/1997/130 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Stepford Wives – Anchor Bay (PG/1975/115 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/)

Sting, The – Universal (PG/1973/129 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1946/117 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Stranger, The – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1946/95 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Stranger by Night – Simitar (R/1994/96 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Strangers on a Train – Warner (NR/1951/101-103 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Street Angels – Tai Seng (NR/1996/91 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Street Fighter, The: Special Edition – Universal (PG-13/1994/102 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie – Sony Music (NR/1994/95 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Streets of Fire – Universal (PG/1984/93 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Streetcar Named Desire, A: The Original Director’s Version – Warner (PG/1951/125 Min./

Full Frame/1.33:1)

Strictly Supernatural: Astrology & Seances – Fox Lorber (NR/102 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Strike Force – Front Row (NR/1975/90 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Striking Distance – Columbia TriStar (R/1993/102 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Substitute, The – LIVE (R/1996/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Substitute II: School’s Out – Artisan

Subway – UAV (R/1985/104 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sudden Death – Universal (R/1995/110 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Suddenly – Master Tone (NR/1954/77 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Summer to Remember, A – Simitar (NR/1985/94 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Summertime – Criterion

Sunset – Columbia-TriStar

Super Audio Collection & Professional Test Disc – Chesky Records (NR/1998/Full Frame/1.33:1)

Supercop – Buena Vista ((R/1992/95 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Superman Cartoons – Fox Lorber (NR/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Superman Cartoons of the Fleischers – Image (NR/148 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Super Speedway: IMAX – Image

Surf Nazis Must Die: Special Edition – Troma (NR/1987/85 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Surgeon, The – Simitar (R/1993/100 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Swan Lake: Nureyev/Fonteyn – PolyGram (NR/1966/106 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Swap – Essex (R/1969/92 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sweet Hereafter, The: Platinum Series – New Line (R/1997/112 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/

16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Swept Away – Fox Lorber (R/1974/116 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Swept from the Sea – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1997/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Swingers – Miramax (R/1996/96 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Swiss Conspiracy – Simitar (PG/1977/85 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Sworn Enemies – Simitar (R/101 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

T.N.T. – Monarch (R/1997/87 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Tai Chi Master – Tai Seng (NR/1993/95 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Tale of Two Kitties – Simitar (NR/1996/ 60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood – Image (R/1996/87 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9)

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight – Image (R/1994/92 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Tales from the Hood – HBO

Tango and Cash – Warner (R/1989/98 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Tank – GoodTimes (PG/1984/113 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Tarzan in Manhattan – Simitar (NR/1989/94 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Taxi Driver – Columbia TriStar (R/1976/113 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Televoid – Simitar (NR/1997/60 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie – New Line (PG/1990/93 Min./P & S/Letterbox/

1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Temptation of a Monk – Fox Lorber (NR/1993/118 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Tenchi: The Movie: Tenchi Muyo! in Love – Pioneer (NR/1996/90 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness – Pioneer (NR/1997/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tequila Sunrise: Special Edition – Warner

Terminator – Image (R/1984/107 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day – LIVE (R/1991/136 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Terror, The – UAV (NR/1963/81 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Terror (1963) – Essex (NR/1963/81 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Terror (1963) – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1963/81 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Terror of Mechagodzilla – Simitar (G/1975/79 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Tetsuo: The Iron Man – Image (NR/1992/67 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

That Old Feeling – Universal (PG-13/197/106 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Theft Under The Sun: Special Edition – Tai Seng (NR/1997/91 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Thelma & Louise: Special Edition – MGM (R/1991/129 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

They Live – Image (R/1988/95 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Thief: Special Edition – MGM (R/1981/124 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Thief of Bagdad (Silent) – Image (NR/1924/129 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Thin Red Line, The – Simitar (NR/1964/99 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Thing, The: Collector’s Edition – Universal

Thinking Big – Simitar (NR/1987/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Thinner: Special Edition – Republic (R/1996/92 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

This Island Earth – Image (NR/1955/86 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

This Metal Mind – Simitar (NR/1996/30 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Thousand Acres, A – Buena Vista (R/1997/105 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Three Stooges – Digital Disc Ent. (NR/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Three Stooges – Madacy (NR/1947/45 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Three Tenors, The – PolyGram (NR/1990/86 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Throttle Junkies – Simitar (NR/1998/107 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Thunderheart – Columbia TriStar

Ticket to Heaven – Simitar (PG/1981/108 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Till the Clouds Roll By – Madacy (NR/1945/135 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Till the Clouds Roll By – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1945/137 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tim – Essex (NR/1979/109 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Time to Kill, A – Warner (R/1996/150 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Timecop – Universal (R/1994/99 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Timeless – Image ((NR/1991/45 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Timothy Leary’s Last Trip – Fox Lorber (NR/1996/56 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Tin Cup – Warner (R/1996/133 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Titanic – Simitar (NR/1996/62 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Titanic (Documentary/1994) – Image (NR/1994/200 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Titanic Collection #1-5 – Madacy

Titanica – Miramax

To Cross the Rubicon – Simitar (NR/1991/106 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

To Kill a Mockingbird: Collection Edition – Universal (NR/1962/130 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Tom Jones – HBO (NR/1963/129 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tombstone – Buena Vista (R/1993/128 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Tomorrow Never Dies – MGM (PG-13/1997/115 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Tommyknockers – Trimark

Tornado Run – Simitar (NR/1994/72 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Total Recall – LIVE (R/1990/113 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Toxic Avenger, The: Limited Special Edition – Troma (UR/1985/84 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Toxic Avenger 2: Special Edition – Troma (NR/1989/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Trainspotting – Buena Vista (R/1995/93 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Trapper County War – Simitar (R/1989/87 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Tread/Retread – Simitar (NR/162 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Tremors: Collection Edition – Universal (PG-13/1990/95 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Tremors II: Aftershocks – Universal

Trespass – GoodTimes (R/1992/100 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9)

Trial, The (1992) – Image (NR/1992/120 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan – Epic (NR/1995/80 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Troma’s War: Special Edition – Troma

Tromeo & Juliet: Special Edition – Troma (R/1995/102 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Tron – Buena Vista (PG/1982/96 Min./Letterbox/2.20:1/5.1 Dolby)

Tropical Rainforest: IMAX – Lumivision (NR/1992/40 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

True North – Simitar (NR/1992/45 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

True Romance, Director’s Cut – Warner (UR/1993/120 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Tune, The – Image (NR/1992/69 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Turbulence – HBO (R/1997/101 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Turbulence (animated) – Sony (NR/1997/62 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Turner, Tina: Live in Amsterdam: Wildest Dreams Tour – Image (NR/1996/120 Min./

Full Frame/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Twins – Universal (PG/1988/107 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Twister – Warner (PG-13/1996/113 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Two Women – Madacy (NR/1960/93 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

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