Ask the Video Guy

Welcome to John Larsen’s “Light Views, Reviews & Previews,” your one-stop entertainment location on the Internet. I created the column in 1974 as editor of the Hueneme High School newspaper “The Shield,”

where it ran for two years. “Light Views, Reviews & Previews” then became a regular column in the new Oxnard College newspaper, “Campus,” which I also edited and helped create.Ask the Video Guy: Entertainment writer and critic John Larsen answers your questions about video Since then, the column has found a home and safe haven at the Ventura County Reporter, a large weekly entertainment newspaper that just celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary. Along the way, my reviews have also appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines,on television and radio programs, and on-line at eDrive. Current duties include Chief Contributor for the Video Movie Guide (edited by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter), the syndicated “Video Closet” column, entertainment reviewer on KVEN Talk Radio, and founding member of The On-Line Film Critic’s Society.

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