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Piece of his Mind

It’s that whole “Circle of Life” stuff that’s supposed to make sense, but sometimes doesn’t. Sure people gotta eat, but do they have to eat while watching a movie in a theater? I know theaters make their spending money on the over-priced snacks and watered-down sodas, so it’s a given as long as food is available, people are going to eat. Read the rest of this entry »

Take the Lead

Based on a true story, the movie tells of the struggle of a dance teacher, Pierre Dulain (Antonio Banderas), to give to a group of problem kids a second chance by exploring their dance skills. One night Dulain is astonished to see a boy, Rock (Rob Brown) destroying his school director’s car. The following day Dulaine goes to the school to ask for a job as a dance teacher Read the rest of this entry »

Minority Report

Imagine a not-so-distant future where retina scans turn video billboards into personal advertisements. Where streamlined vehicles careen down a programmed highway in the sky, leaving the occupants free to do whatever they please. Where police can predict when a murder will take place and stop the crime before it happens. Read the rest of this entry »


Stewart Kane, an Irishman living in the Australian town of Jindabyne, is on a fishing trip in isolated hill country with three other men when they discover the body of a murdered girl in the river. Rather than return to the town immediately, they continue fishing and report their gruesome find days later. Stewart’s wife Claire is the last to find out Read the rest of this entry »


Talk about buzz kill. No, really, talk about it. Discuss, and I’ll be back in a few moments with something to snack on and read another entry from “Emmanuele’s Wicked Tales.” Sorry, must have gotten lost in another bad 1970’s drug flashback, which is where you’ll find “S.W.A.T.,” an action-based crime drama based on the marginally persuasive television show. Read the rest of this entry »


Timmy Robinson’s best friend in the whole wide world is a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido. But when FIDO eats the next-door neighbor, Mom and Dad hit the roof, and Timmy has to go to the ends of the earth to keep Fido a part of the family. A boy-and-his-dog movie for grown ups, “FIDO” will rip your heart out Read the rest of this entry »

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani TV personality Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the “greatest country in the world.” With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson than on his assignment. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild Seven

In this darkly karmic vision of Arizona, a man who breathes nothing but ill will begins a noxious domino effect as quickly as an uncontrollable virus kills. As he exits Arizona State Penn after twenty-one long years, Wilson (Academy Award Nominee Robert Forster) has only one thing on the brain, leveling the score with career criminal, Mackey Willis (Academy Award Nominee Robert Loggia). As eccentric and intuitive as he is vicious, Mackey’s own perfected criminal game will play right into the path Wilson has set for him Read the rest of this entry »

Daughters of Darkness

Shot in Belgium in 1970, “Daughters of Darkness” was director Harry Kumel’s only English-language feature. Due to it’s naughty nature, the film was trimmed more than 12 minutes for its United States release. The DVD (like the laserdisc) restores the censored footage, but after more than a quarter-of-a- century, the film’s shock value has been diluted. Read the rest of this entry »

Pink Panther, The

When the coach of the France soccer team is killed by a poisoned dart in the stadium in the end of a game, and his expensive and huge ring with the diamond Pink Panther disappears, the ambitious Chief Insp. Dreyfus (Kevin Kline) assigns the worst police inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) to the case. His intention is to give a diversion to the press, while he uses his best men to chase the killer and thief Read the rest of this entry »

Glory Road

40 years ago, Don Haskins went on the recruiting trail to find the best talent in the land, black or white. 7 blacks and 5 whites made up the legendary 1965-66 Texas Western Miners. They were mocked and ridiculed for their showboating and flaunting of black players on the court Read the rest of this entry »

Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Decidedly darker than its predecessor, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is also more satisfying and entertaining. Mere mortal words will have affect on your decision to see the film, but for those on the fence, there is good news and bad news. Good, because “Chamber of Secrets” is everything a sequel should be and more. Read the rest of this entry »