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Carrie – special edition

When I first saw “Carrie” at the studio screening in 1976, I had never read a Stephen King novel. I know, bad me. Go stand in the corner and flog myself. That meant I had no clue what I was in for. Read the rest of this entry »

Vampires: Los Muertos

Jon Bon Jovi stars in this horror film. Vampires: Los Muertos centers on vampire hunter-for-hire Derek Bliss (Bon Jovi),When a new client hires him to hunt down a particularly powerful vampire queen in Mexico,soon he gathers a hunting crew and sets off across Mexico for some vampire hunting action. Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review March


In the production notes for “Dee Snider’s Strangeland,” the former Twisted Sister lead singer said that he came up with the idea of an ultimate horror film after the birth of his daughter. Snider claimed that he all of a sudden became aware of all of the evil and cruel things that can befall a child in the real world. Read the rest of this entry »

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Ten years after the ‘Phantom Menace’ threatened the planet Naboo, PadmĂ© Amidala is now a Senator representing her homeworld. A faction of political separatists, led by Count Dooku, attempts to assassinate her. There aren’t enough Jedi to defend the Republic against the threat, so Chancellor Palpatine enlists the aid of Jango Fett, who promises that his army of clones will handle the situation Read the rest of this entry »

The X-Files

The truth is out there, and you don’t have to be an “X-File” fan to appreciate the spooky first feature from the popular television series. I wasn’t a fan of the series when it first premiered five years ago. At the time, I didn’t need to add an extra hours worth of television viewing to my schedule. My dad turned me on to “The X-Files” half way through the first season. Read the rest of this entry »

White Oleander

Astrid Magnussen is a 15 year old girl, living in California. Her mother, Ingrid, is a beautiful, free-spirited poet. Their life, though unusual, is satisfying until one day, a man named Barry Kolker (that her mother refers to at first as “The goat man”) comes into their lives, and Ingrid falls madly in love with him, only to have her heart broken, and her life ruined Read the rest of this entry »

Banger Sisters, The

When fiftysomething Suzette loses her job as a bartender she decides to make a road trip to visit her old friend Vinnie who she hasn’t seen since their days as groupies back in the day. On the way she meets Harry, a nervous writer who says he is going home to confront his father, then shows her his gun. Once they reach their destination Suzette finds that Vinnie is now Lavinia, a conservative housewife who is reluctant to reexperience the flower power of her youth, and Harry finds confrontation with himself rather than with his father Read the rest of this entry »

Films review February


Quirky comedy turns serious before the fun is done in this tale of the owner of a home security company and the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to insure business. Stanley Tucci is excellent as Heinrich Grigoris, a sleazy businessman who guarantees customers by robbing their homes. Read the rest of this entry »

Blade 2

Filled with gratuitous gore and rivers of blood, “Blade 2” devours the screen with a ferocious appetite. You can’t make a good vampire film without spilling a lot of the red stuff. As anyone who has ever ridden the elevator at the Overlook Hotel can confirm, you can’t get from here to there without getting soaked. Read the rest of this entry »


The career of a disillusioned producer, who is desperate for a hit, is endangered when his star walks off the film set. Forced to think fast, the producer decides to digitally create an actress “Simone” to sub for the star—the first totally believable synthetic actress. The “actress” becomes an overnight sensation, with a major singing career as well, and everyone thinks she’s a real person Read the rest of this entry »

All or Nothing

Penny’s love for her partner, taxi-driver Phil, has run dry. He is a gentle, philosophical guy, and she works on the checkout at a supermarket. Their daughter Rachel cleans in a home for elderly people, and their son Rory is unemployed and aggressive Read the rest of this entry »

Living Out Loud DVD

At first glance, “Living Out Loud” is a brash and sassy comedy about the human condition. Thanks to a literate and funny screenplay by writer-turned-director Richard LaGravenese, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review February


Eriq La Salle (television’s “E. R.”) pulls double duty as director and actor in this atmospheric tale of a psychiatrist (Michael Beach) on the mend from personal tragedy who drags a film crew to a mental hospital to make a documentary on a radical new treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

Films review February


Sylvie Testud is absolutely winning as a young woman whose love of the clarinet serves as a wedge between her deaf parents and her dreams of becoming a talented musician. Lara has spent her whole life acting as a go-between for her parents and the hearing world. Read the rest of this entry »

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

There is a scene in the third act of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” where Penelope Cruz’s character, a young Greek woman named Pelagia, begs her lover, Italian Army Captain Antonio Corelli, played by Nicolas Cage, not to leave. Read the rest of this entry »