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Films Review March


Delightful concoction from director Tamra Davis features engaging performances and an offbeat premise. Luke Wilson stars as Jesse, a young man about to get married to Hope (Drew Barrymore, Wilson’s co-star in “Home Fries”). Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review March


Shades of “Rollerball!” Former cinematographer-turned-director Ernest Dickerson helms this made-for-television futuristic thriller that plays like a budget version of the cult film. Read the rest of this entry »


After losing their payload the ramshackle, sinking, ocean-going salvage tug “Sea Star” takes refuge in the eye of a typhoon in an attempt to make repairs. Whilst trying to find help the tug, captained by Robert Everton (‘Donald Sutherland’ (qv)), discovers a Russian science vessel adrift in the eye. The crew believes their troubles are over and they are set for life when the captain informs them of the value of salvaging this apparent ghost-ship Read the rest of this entry »

Films Review February


For an ant, life is no picnic. As part of a colony, there’s a lot of work to be done. Food has to be gathered. Tunnels have to be dug. The queen has to be tended to. There’s no room for individuality. Read the rest of this entry »

Young Frankenstein: Special Edition

As a budding entertainment writer, “Young Frankenstein” was my first major studio screening. Invitations went out a month before the screening, and I immediately R.S.V.P.’d. A week later, I was in a nasty automobile accident that ripped off half my face and broke my right knee. I was a mess, but I was determined to attend the screening. I had three weeks, and I knew that the over 1,000 stitches in my face would be removed by then. Oh sure, I still looked like a mess, and I still had a cast on my right leg, but I wasn’t going to miss “Young Frankenstein.”
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Wild Wild West

Jim West is a guns-a-blazing former Civil War hero. Artemus Gordon is an inventive U.S Read the rest of this entry »

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Big Daddy

In its own little universe, safely tucked away inside a dark theater, “Big Daddy” seems harmless enough. It is when the lights come up and the doors swing open that the film’s flaws become overwhelmingly apparent. Read the rest of this entry »


I used to raise tarantulas, so spiders really don’t give me the creeps. I’ve always believed in live and let live, and will more often than not try to move an indoor spider back outdoors instead of squashing it. Potato Bugs are another story. They give me the creeps. Honestly. So for me to thoroughly enjoy the giddy nature of “Arachnophobia,” the directing debut of producer Frank Marshall, I just envisioned the creepy crawlies in the film as Potato Bugs.
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Even though it is set in the future, “Barbarella” the film is definitely encamped in the late 1960s. Based on the popular bestseller by Jean Claude Forest, “Barbarella” is so entrenched in the period that it was made that the film becomes nothing more than a curiosity piece. It is so outdated and silly that one wonders why John Waters hasn’t tried to remake it. Read the rest of this entry »

Three Kings

George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube star in “Three Kings,” the story of a small group of adventurous American soldiers in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War who are determined to steal a huge cache of gold reputed to be hidden somewhere near their desert base. Finding a map they believe will take them to the gold, they embark on a journey that leads to unexpected discoveries, enabling them to rise to a heroic challenge that drastically changes their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Analyze This

Ben Sobol, Psychiatrist, has a few problems: His son spies on his patients when they open up their heart, his parents don’t want to attend his upcoming wedding and his patients’ problems don’t challenge him at all. Paul Vitti, Godfather, has a few problems as well: Sudden anxiety attacks in public, a certain disability to kill people and his best part ceasing service when needed. One day, Ben unfortunately crashes into one of Vitti’s cars Read the rest of this entry »

Angel’s Dance

Tony wants to be a hitman for the Mafia, but first he has to learn from a master. Enter Stevie California-cool, eats veggie burgers and quotes Neitzche. Tony may not agree with Stevie’s style, but he has to complete his training so he can go back and kill the Mafia’s accountant, who’s about to turn state’s evidence Read the rest of this entry »