DVD Available

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Special Edition – Columbia TriStar (R/1997/101 Min./

P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

I Like to Play Games – Simitar (R/1994/80 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Igor and the Lunatics – Troma

Immortal Combat – Simitar (R/1993/109 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

I’m No Angel – Image (NR/1933/88 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

I’m Your Man – DVd International

In the Company of Men: Special Edition – Columbia TriStar (R/1997/97 Min./

P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

In the Line of Fire – Columbia TriStar (R/1993/127 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

In the Name of the Father – Universal (R1993/132 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

In the Navy – Image

Indigo Girls: Watershed: Ten Years of Underground Video – Epic (NR/1995/67 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Inheritance, The – Simitar (NR/1976/102 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Inside Man – Essex (NR/1984/95 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Interactive Personal Trainer – Simitar (NR/1998/63 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Interlocked – Simitar

Interview with the Vampire – Warner (R/1994/123 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Into the Woods – Image (NR/1990/151 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Invaders From Mars (1953) – UAV (NR/1953/78 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Invaders From Mars (1986) – Anchor Bay (PG/1986/102 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) – Republic (NR/1956/80 Min./P & S/Letterbox)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Special Edition (1978) – MGM (PG/1978/117 Min./

P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Invisible Strangler, The – Simitar (R/1984/82 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Irma Vep – Fox Lorber (NR/1996/95 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1/Dolby Surround)

Island of Dr. Moreau – New Line (UR/1996/100 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Isle of Wright Festival: Message to Love 1970 – Sony Music (NR/1970/120 Min./Full Frame/

1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

It Could Happen to You – Columbia-TriStar

It’s a Wonderful Life – Republic

Ivan the Terrible Parts 1 & 2 – Image

Jackal, The: Collection Edition – Universal (R/1997/125 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Jackson, Michael: HIStory on Film, Volume 2 – Epic (NR/1996/106 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Jacob’s Ladder: Special Edition – Artisan (R/1990/116 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Jailhouse Rock – MGM (NR/1957/96 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1)

Jason & The Argonauts – Columbia TriStar (G/1963/104 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1)

Jeremiah Johnson – Warner (PG/1972/116 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Jerk, The – Universal (R/1979/94 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Jerry Maguire – Columbia TriStar (R/1996/138 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Jezebel – MGM (NR/1938/103 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

JFK: Special Edition Director’s Cut – Warner (R/1991/189 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Joe Kidd – Universal

Joel, Billy: Greatest Hits #3: The Video – Columbia Records Group (NR/1997/80 Min./P & S/1.33:1/

5.1 Dolby)

John Fogerty: Promonition – Warner Music

Johnny Mnemonic – Columbia TriStar (R/1995/98 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Judge Dredd – Hollywood Pictures

Judgment Night – GoodTimes (R/1995/98 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.77:1)

Jumanji – Columbia TriStar (PG/1995/104 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Julie Strain’s Bad Girls – Simitar (NR/1996/Full Frame/1.33:1)

Jungle Boy – Simitar (NR/1997/89 Min./P & S/1.33:15.1 Dolby)

Kalifornia: Special Edition – PolyGram (R/UR/1993/117-118 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1)

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love: Special Edition – Trimark (UR/1997/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Karaoke Sing Along #1: NuTech – NuTech

Karaoke Sing Along #2: NuTech – NuTech

Karate Kid, The – Columbia TriStar (PG/1984/127 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Kids – Pioneer (NR/1995/90 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Kika – Image (NR/1993/114 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Killer: A Journal of Murder – Republic (R/1996/91 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Killer Inside Me – Simitar (R/1976/97 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Killer Meteors, The – Simitar (NR/1976/120 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Killer, The: Special Edition – Image/Criterion (NR/1989/110 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

Killer Twisters/Superstorms – UAV (NR/1985/120 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Killer Volcanoes/Deadly Peaks – Simitar (NR/1997/100 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Killing Ground, The – Simitar (R/1995/93 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Killing Man, The – Simitar (R/1994/100 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Kindergarten Cop – Universal (PG-13/1990/111 Min./P & S/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

King, B.B.: Live in Africa – Pioneer (NR/1974/43 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

King Kong vs. Godzilla – GoodTimes (NR/1962/91 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

King Ralph – GoodTimes (PG/1991/97 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Klondike Annie – Image (NR/1936/77 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Krakatoa, East of Java – Simitar (NR/1969/124 Min./Letterbox/2.20:1)

Kull the Conqueror – Universal (PG-13/1997/96 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Ladyhawke – Warner (PG-13/1985/124 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Lady in White: Director’s Cut – Elite (PG-13/1988/120 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/5.1 Dolby)

Lady Vanishes, The: Special Edition – Criterion (NR/1938/97 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

L.A. Confidential: Special Edition – Warner (R/1997/138 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

L.A. Story – LIVE (PG-13/1991/95 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1)

La Femme Nikita – Pioneer (NR/1990/117 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Landmarks of Early Film (silent) – Image (NR/117 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Laser Mission – Front Row (R/1190/84 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Last Action Hero, The – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1993/130 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Last Boy Scout, The – Warner (R/1991/105 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9)

Last Breath – Simitar (R/1998/90 Min./P & S/1.33:1/5.1 Dolby)

Last Game – Simitar (NR/1995/70 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Last Man Standing – New Line (R/1996/101 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Last Time I Saw Paris, The – Madacy (NR/1954/115 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Lawnmower Man, The: Special Edition – New Line (R/1992/107 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/

5.1 Dolby)

Lawyer, Lawyer – Tai Seng

League of Their Own, A – Columbia TriStar (PG/1992/128 Min./Letterbox/2.35:1/Dolby Surround)

Leave it to Beaver – Universal (PG/1997/88 Min./P & S/1.33:15.1 Dolby)

Leaving Las Vegas – MGM (UR/1995/112 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Lee Rock 1 – Tai Seng

Legends of the Fall – Columbia TriStar (R/1994/132 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

L’Enfer – Fox Lorber (NR/1994/100 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Lennon, John: Sweet Toronto/Keep on Rockin’ – Pioneer (NR/1969/56 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/

Dolby Surround)

Leprechaun – Trimark

Leslie Nielsen’s Stupid Little Golf Video – Fox Lorber (NR/1997/50 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Lethal Weapon – Warner (R/1987/110 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Lethal Weapon 2 – Warner (R/1989/114 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Lethal Weapon 3 – Warner (R/1992/118 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Leviathon – MGM

Lewis, Jerry Lee: The Story of Rock & Roll – Pioneer (NR/1969/60 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Liar Liar – Universal (PG/1997/87 Min./P & S/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Liebert, Ottmar & Luna Negra: Live, Wide-Eyed & Dreaming – Epic (NR/1996/60 Min./

Full Frame/1.33:15.1 Dolby)

Lifeforce – Warner (R/1985/116 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/Dolby Surround)

Lifeline – Tai Seng (NR/1997/96 Min./Letterbox/1.66:1)

Lionheart – Universal

Little Foxes – HBO (NR/1941/116 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Little Fugitive, The – Kino

Little Princess, A (1995) – Warner (G/1995/97 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Little Princess, The (1939) – Essex (NR/1939/91 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Little Princess, The (1939) – Lumivision (NR/1939/91 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Little Princess, The (1939) – Madacy (NR/1939/91 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Little Princess, The – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1939/91 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Little Richard: Keep on Rocking – Pioneer

Little Shop of Horrors (1960) – Master Tone Silver Screen (NR/1960/70 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Little Women – Columbia TriStar (PG/1994/118 Min./Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Live at Knebworth – Image (NR/1990/195 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Lock Up – LIVE (R/1989/115 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/Dolby Surround)

Logan’s Run – MGM

Loggins, Kenny: Alive! – Pioneer (NR/1981/59 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1/Dolby Surround)

Loggins, Kenny: Outside: From the Redwoods – Columbia Records Group (NR/Full Frame/1.33:1/

Dolby Surround)

Long Kiss Goodnight, The – New Line (R/1996/120 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/16×9/5.1 Dolby)

Long Knives – Simitar (NR/1994/88 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Long Shadow, The – Simitar (NR/1992/90 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Look Who’s Talking – Columbia TriStar (PG-13/1989/96 Min./P & S/Letterbox/1.85:1/16×9/

Dolby Surround)

Lord of Illusions – MGM

Lord of the Dance – PolyGram (NR/1997/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Lost Boys, The – Warner (R/1987/97 Min./P & S/Letterbox/2.35:1/5.1 Dolby)

Lost World, The (silent) – Lumivision (NR/1925/90 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Love is Forever – Front Row (NR/1983/139 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Lovers & Liars – Digital Multimedia (R/1979/96 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Love to Kill – Simitar (R/1997/102 Min./P & S/1.33:1)

Lucky Luke – Simitar (NR/1991/91 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Lugosi, Bela Collection: Devil Bat & Scared to Death – Lumivision

Lumiere & Company – Fox Lorber (NR/1995/88 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

Luminous Visions – Sony Music (NR/1998/45 Min./Full Frame/1.33:1)

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