My name is Hector. I’m a sportscaster down here in Puerto Rico. My hobbies are DVD movies. I got a new Infinity speakers/ Sony 35″ TV and 5.1 Digital receiver/Panasonic 300 DVD player, Home Theater. I have already 215 DVD titles.. . . and one of my favorite web sites is yours.

Congratulations on your excellent reviews, news and user friendly interface.

Hector Vazquez-Muniz

Puerto Rico


Keep up the good work and wonderful reviews John Larsen. I for one cannot get through an entire day without checking my DVD sites and yours in always full of info and good reviews. Sounds like you are very busy…where do you find the time? Anyway, thanks from a satisfied fan.


Just found your site last night. Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful, thoughtful reviews of DVDs. I just got my player a few weeks ago, and it’s opened up a whole new movie world for my. My first two purchases: Good Will Hunting and The Pillow Book. I was impressed with the extras in Good Will Hunting, enthralled by the commentary. Pillow Book: Good print but not widescreen, and no extras at all. Bummer.

Anyway, thanks again. I’ll be stopping by your site, often.



Drifted in to your site. I am impressed with the depth of your reviews. In fact your review of Great Train Robbery caused me to cancel my order of that title. Good Luck

on the site and I will be visiting often.



I love your DVD news. Keep up the great work.


Don in Va.


Just wanted to let you know that I find your reviews the most informative and in depth around. There are A LOT of review sites around, but being an avid DVD collector I always stop at your site to make my final decision. I hope to see your review section grow with all the new (hopefully) great release coming out for the holiday season. Well, just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort!



I just wanted to compliment you on your well maintained website as it remains one of the few I check daily for the latest DVD news and reviews.

Mr. Greg Babor


Hi John,

Great review of Spanish Prisoner. I always look forward to your reviews. Keep up the good work.



I just wanted to thank you for your DVD reviews. I find them enjoyable and very well written. I specially like that you go into details with the extras that come with the dvd. This info helps me in determining whether I want to rent or buy a dvd. Please keep up the good work.

Thank you,


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