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The President of the United State’s daughter has been kidnapped, and only one man can bring her back alive: Special Ops officer Robert Scott (Val Kilmer), whose background and uncompromising attitude make him just as dangerous as his prey. Read the rest of this entry »

Rest Stop

In Texas, the aspirant actress Nicole Carrow runs away home to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Jess Hilts. They drive through a shortcut in an old road, and when they park in a rest stop, Jess is abducted by the sadistic driver of an old yellow truck. Along the night, Nicole is threatened by the sick maniac, while mysterious things happen to her in the place Read the rest of this entry »

Big Momma’s House 2

Martin Lawrence returns as FBI agent Malcolm Turner, a master of disguise who again goes deep undercover as the sassy septuagenarian “Big Momma.” The FBI has learned that a computer software developer named Tom Fuller has created a computer virus that allows access to classified US government files, Fuller is planning to sell the virus to terrorist organizations all over the world. Upon hearing this, the FBI’s best lead is Fuller’s wife Read the rest of this entry »