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Stuck on You

Walt Tenor (Greg Kinnear), like any other good looking, athletic, multi-talented young man growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, wants to spread his wings. As an actor, Walt has the chops, but needs to move to Los Angeles in order to make contacts and get discovered. There’s only one thing holding Walt back. His brother Bob (Matt Damon). It’s not that Walt wants to leave Bob behind, he can’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Disturbing Behavior

I passed on “Disturbing Behavior” when it played in theaters. The previews positioned it as a teenage “The Stepford Wives.” The reviews that I read weren’t kind, and most stressed the lack of character development and plot. At 84 minutes, “Disturbing Behavior” didn’t just cut to the chase, that’s all that was left. Read the rest of this entry »