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Attack Force

Marshall Lawson loses his strike-team in a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack. After this he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings. Soon he uncovers CTX Majestic, a covert military operation so secret, that now the military wants Marshall eliminated Read the rest of this entry »

Agnes browne

Director-star Anjelica Huston is superb in this touching, funny, and at times heartbreaking tale of an Irish woman trying to keep her brood together while looking for love. There’s lots of local color and character in this sweet Valentine to the heart and human spirit. Set in 1967, Huston plays Browne, a middle-aged mother of seven trying to make ends meet when her husband dies. Her quest to lead a simple, honest life takes a tailspin when she’s forced to borrow money from a local hood in order to bury her husband. Read the rest of this entry »