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The Tuxedo

In “The Tuxedo,” Chan plays a taxi driver who is recruited to be the chauffeur of a secret agent. Desiring everything that his new boss is and possesses, Jimmy Tong (Chan) is amazed to learn that most of the credit goes to a two-billion high tech suit that allows the wearer to defy gravity, defeat bad guys, and even dance. Read the rest of this entry »

Les Miserables

Sumptuous to look at, the latest big screen incarnation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel “Les Miserables” is a handsome yet flawed production. Despite the film’s excellent cast and literate script, this version of “Les Miserables” seems constrained by it’s budget. Instead of being stirring, it’s complacent. Instead of being epic, it’s lean but not mean. Read the rest of this entry »