The City

Determined to figure out if Carla is really carrying his child, Tony asks her to meet him at the City Bar for a chat about their future. As Buck frets about losing the bar, Jacob warns that counting on Tracy to bail them out of their back tax problem is probably not a viable solution. In the wake of Beth’s abrupt resignation, Tracy begins hunting for a new nanny for Dylan.

When Alex comes to the penthouse, Tracy confides how she’s been fantasizing about killing Gino and then bumping him off after she’s been written into the will. Tess returns to 212 Greene Street wearing a cheerful smile and toting bags of holiday gifts. After assuring a worried Alex she wouldn’t really terminate Gino Soliedo, Tracy discloses how her options seem to have narrowed to two equally unhappy scenarios. Tony presses Carla to go with him to the doctor that very day to double check the results of her home pregnancy test. Alex suggests to Tracy that she dump Gino and forget about Edward and stand on her own two feet for the first time in her life. Buck quizzes Tess about her sudden trip out of town to visit some relative she’s never mentioned before. Dodging his questions, Tess tells Buck she’s decided to get into the holiday spirit so she can live it up during her last Christmas season.

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