The City

In a quandary about how best to handle her current difficulties, Tracy begins looking into boarding schools for Dylan but encounters opposition to the plan from a dismayed Beth. Angrily reminding the nanny that her only role in the household is to look after Dylan, Tracy orders the young woman to stop meddling in her master plan. Horrified by Tracy’s association with a known gangster, Beth finally tenders her resignation. Alex congratulates his partner on becoming a free man, then is appalled to learn that Carla never signed the annulment papers because she’s claiming to be pregnant. Certain the news about Tony’s marriage still being intact has had the desired effect on her rival, Carla reminds Danny to be his charming best as he comforts Ally in her time of need. As Tony gloomily describes how his dreams have gone up in smoke, a suspicious Alex suggests that Carla could well be lying about the baby in order to keep her hooks into the man she wants for her own. When Gino drops by his daughter’s office on Wall Street, Carla reveals that she and Tony decided not to end their marriage because deep feelings have blossomed between them which can no longer be denied. As Ally complains about Carla, Danny drops hints that Tony’s sham marriage was a bit more realistic than anyone else imagined.

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