The City

After overhearing Carla on the phone, Tracy is elated to think that a Christmas time marriage to Gino will mean she’ll be a widow by Easter. Unaware that Carla was actually rehearsing a lie to use on the feds in order to keep them off her father’s back, Tracy rubs her hands in glee as dollar signs dance in her eyes. Jocelyn tells Ally she’s managed to get a continuance which will postpone the auction of 212 Greene Street for another month. Unable to summon up much enthusiasm for the good news, Ally gloomily informs her roommate that Tony is still stuck in unholy wedlock with his kissing cousin. With Tony pressing her to see a physician that very day to confirm her alleged pregnancy, Carlo secretly orders her flunkies to dig up enough dirt on the doctor to ensure that the test results will go her way. Tracy tells Gino she’d be delighted to become his blushing bride. Though Jocelyn speculates that Carla is putting roadblocks up simply because she still wants Tony for her own, Ally wonders why the woman would be so persistent when the man she desires has repeatedly expressed no interest in her at all. When Gino questions her sudden change of heart, Tracy explains that she was fearful of repeating some of her past marital mistakes but has since realized that this relationship was solidly on the right path.

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