One Life to Live

As he peruses his morning paper, Andrew is unpleasantly surprised to discover that his wife has been writing another series of articles with Kevin. Cassie explains how she was too swamped with work to mention the new series, then reassures her husband that she’ll let nothing stand in the way of their future happiness. Promising to keep her relationship with Kevin strictly professional, Cassie tells Andrew she’ll quit the paper if that’s what he wants. At the Banner, Blair thanks the Buchanans for printing an article which paints Todd as a villain and adds ammunition to her side of the upcoming custody case. Meanwhile, a seething Todd orders his attorney to sue the Banner’s publishers for libel. As Clint reminds Blair that the paper had no intention of aiding and abetting her, Viki is alarmed to learn that Todd’s estranged wife has accused him of murder. Later, Blair informs Viki that she’s decided to terminate her pregnancy. Patrick tells Marty how his students took a petition to the dean of the college to ensure that he’ll be kept on the faculty. When the subject turns to Blair’s pregnancy, Marty suggests that her lover take as much time with the mother of his child as he needs. At the hospital later, Marty endures a barrage of verbal abuse from Blair before giving back as good as she gets.

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