Guiding Light

When Bridget boasts to Nola about going to the ice show with Hart and Peter, Nola wonders where Dinah will be. Hart confides to Roger that he’s glad to be back in the states after his trip with Dinah and confides that he is surprised at how well Dinah has bonded with Peter.

Matt and Josh compare notes about the women they love, discussing to what extent they would go to be with that woman. But when Matt warns Josh that he’s fooling himself if he thinks that he can be with Reva, Josh admits that he loves her. However, he quickly adds that he’s afraid of what Annie will do to herself and their unborn baby once he tells her that he wants a divorce so he can be with Reva. Meanwhile, Annie stops by the fertility clinic again and tries to blackmail her friend into trying to make her pregnant but the nurse explains that she needs an examination first. Annie tries to convince the woman that she must be pregnant immediately but can’t admit the lie she’s told Josh and their friends. Thanks to Amanda and Roger, Jean-Luc surprises Dinah with her friends from Europe. Hart’s upset when Dinah fails to show for the family outing at the ice show she planned with Peter. Reva and Josh are surprised to find themselves at Laurel Falls. Buzz plays down the idea of Jenna’s return to Springfield when Eleni asks about the letter he received from her.

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