Gillian Anderson Goes Beyond The X-Files into the Future Fantastic

As the skeptical, science-minded FBI agent Dana Scully on Fox TV’s The X-Files, Gillian Anderson is constantly searching for rational reasons behind the paranormal phenomena she investigates every week on the top-rated show. Now it looks likes Anderson is finally going to get the chance to separate fantasy from reality, as she hosts and narrates the upcoming mini-series Future Fantastic debuting Sunday, March 2nd through Friday, March 7th at 10-11 p.m. and 1-2 a.m. EST on The Learning Channel.

The five-part series explores the close relationship between science fiction and science fact. Through interviews with futurists, authors and scientists, and visits to high-tech labs, viewers are promised answers to some age-old questions: Just how real is science fiction? How soon before we make first contact with an alien species? Should we be afraid of the robots that will be serving our needs in the future? And just what did science-fiction writers, from H.G. Welles to Isaac Asimov, know about space travel that astronauts are only now learning?

Anderson will also be checking out such topics as cryogenics and warp speed, while investigating the facts behind transport teleportation. Beam us up, Gillian!

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