General Hospital

Jason admits to Carly how lonely he’s been since Robin left for college. As they discuss their complicated love lives, Carly complains to Jason about Bobbie’s constant interference in her relationship with Tony. Later, Tony walks in on a playful tussle between Carly and Jason. Jax returns from Australia and finds his wife sitting by Sonny’s hospital bed. After welcoming Jax home, Brenda explains how she saved Sonny’s life. Tony tells a disappointed Carly that he won’t be able to spend any time with her for a while. Bobbie bristles when Tom suggests that Stefan is framing Luke for the attack on Katherine. Meanwhile, Mac presses his wounded lover to tell him who shot her. Stefan finally confesses to Alexis that he pulled the trigger on Luke’s gun just as Katherine wandered into the line of fire. Still groggy from the anesthesia, Katherine struggles to recall the hazy details of her ill fated trip to Spoon Island. Though Tom sees red when Nicholas shrilly insists that Luke should be behind bars for the rest of his life, Felicia encourages her boyfriend to remember that the young man just lost his mother and is understandably upset. Katherine tells Mac she remembers that the man with the gun had eyes like a cat. Sonny assigns Jason to track down the nurse who set him up. Brenda is annoyed to learn that Miranda is back in town.

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