You’ve Got Mail

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is the big superstore Foxbooks owner. He opens up his store near many small book shops and runs them all out of business – including The Shop Around The Corner owned by Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan). Little do each Kathleen and Joe know that: even though they hate each other in person – through the Internet they are in love.

You've Got Mail

Title: You’ve Got Mail

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Ephron, Nora


  • Hanks, Tom as Joe Fox
  • Ryan, Meg as Kathleen Kelly
  • Kinnear, Greg as Frank Navasky
  • Posey, Parker as Patricia Eden
  • Stapleton, Jean as Birdie Conrad
  • Zahn, Steve as George Pappas
  • Burns, Heather as Christina Plutzker
  • Chappelle, Dave as Kevin Jackson
  • Coleman, Dabney as Nelson Fox
  • Randolph, John as Schuyler Fox
  • Rush, Deborah as Veronica Grant
  • Hirsh, Hallee as Annabelle Fox
  • Scaperrotta, Jeffrey as Matthew ”Matt” Fox
  • Seymour, Cara as Gillian Quinn
  • Finneran, Katie as Maureen, the Nanny

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