Without Evidence

A man searches for the killer of his brother Michael Francke, head of correction for the state of Oregon, who was stabbed to death in 1989 while investigating organized crime’s involvement in the management of corrections facilities.

Without Evidence

Title: Without Evidence

Release Date: 1995

Genres: Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Dennis, Gill


  • Plank, Scott as Kevin Francke
  • Gunn, Anna as Liz Godlove
  • Prine, Andrew as John Nelson
  • Jolie, Angelina as Jodie Swearingen
  • Perri, Paul as Sgt. Unsoeld
  • Peckinpah, Kristen as Katie Francke
  • Nause, Alan as Dale Penn
  • Mastrandrea, Chris as Anthony
  • Bruno, Danny as Field Sergeant
  • Garrett, Ernie as Michael Francke
  • Hull, Eric as David
  • Collier, Ed as Fisk
  • Prysirr, Geof as Pat Francke
  • Russo, Michael as Konrad Garcia
  • Tomlins, Jason as Frank Gable

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