Wild Things 2

Rich 17 year old wild thing Brittney is devastated she loses her inheritence to a classmate, Maya. An insurance investigator uncovers the two girls plan, and soon the three are involved in a steamy relationship of sex, money and people being fed to aligators.

Wild Things 2

Title: Wild Things 2

Release Date: 2004

Genres: Thriller

    Directors: Perez, Jack


  • Ward, Susan as Brittney Havers
  • Stuart, Katie as Shannon
  • Arcieri, Leila as Maya King
  • Wolf, Dorit as Lecture Hall Girl
  • Gilbert, Brett as Titch
  • Chieffo, Michael as Principal Mosster
  • Ashby, Linden as Detective Michael Morrison
  • Burke, Joe Michael as Julian Haynes
  • Gordon, Chad as Kip Kiepki
  • Denison, Anthony John as Niles Dunlap
  • Neff, Kathy as Brittney”s Mother
  • Carr, Ski as Cicatriz
  • Washington, Isaiah as Terence Bridge
  • Kussman, Dylan as Irvin Brillman
  • Atkinson, Kimberly as Terri Breur

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