White Squall

A true story about a group of American teenage boys who crew a school sailing ship to gain experience, discipline, or whatever their parents feel they lack. The voyage is a true adventure for them all but it has its downs as well as ups.

White Squall

Title: White Squall

Release Date: 1996

Genres: Adventure, Drama

    Directors: Scott, Ridley


  • Bridges, Jeff as Captain Christopher ”Skipper” Sheldon
  • Goodall, Caroline as Dr. Alice Sheldon
  • Savage, John as McCrea, Albatross Crewman/English Teacher
  • Wolf, Scott as Charles ”Chuck” Gieg/Narrator
  • Sisto, Jeremy as Frank Beaumont
  • Phillippe, Ryan as Gil Martin
  • Lascher, David as Robert March
  • Cole, Eric Michael as Dean Preston
  • Marsden, Jason as Shay Jennings, Albatross First Mate
  • Selby, David as Francis Beaumont
  • Mechoso, Julio Oscar as Girard Pascal, Albatross Cook
  • Ivanek, Zeljko as Coast Guard Capt. Sanders
  • Getty, Balthazar as Tod Johnstone
  • Embry, Ethan as Tracy Lapchick
  • Clarke, Jordan as Charles Gieg

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