Weekend at Bernie’s II

After their adventure at Bernie’s weekend house (events of “Weekend At Bernie’s”) accountants/programmers oafish Larry and up-tight Richard return to New York only to be blamed by the insurance company they all worked for Bernie’s theft of two million dollars and fired. Larry and Richard investigate and discover that the money is somewhere in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile the Cartel Bernie was stealing the money for hires a Voodoo Queen to help them find the money. She tells Henry and Charles to steal Bernie’s body and raise it from the dead to lead them to the money. Unfortunately Henry and Charles goofed and Bernie can only move when he hears music. Richard, Larry and Bernie all go to St Thomas to find the money with the aid of Claudia only to be followed by Hummel, a company security officer, who believes that Larry and Richard stole the money as well as Henry and Charles. Who will get to the money first?…

Weekend at Bernie's II

Title: Weekend at Bernie’s II

Release Date: 1993

Genres: Adventure, Comedy

    Directors: Klane, Robert


  • McCarthy, Andrew as Larry Wilson
  • Silverman, Jonathan as Richard Parker
  • Kiser, Terry as Bernie Lomax
  • Beyer, Troy as Claudia
  • Bostwick, Barry as Arthur Hummel
  • Wright, Tom as Charles
  • James, Steve as Henry
  • Nelson, Novella as Mobu
  • Coccioletti, Phil as Cartel Man #1
  • Dourdan, Gary as Cartel Man #2
  • Lally, James as Morgue Attendant
  • Rogers, Michael as Island Cop
  • Pierce, Stack as Claudia”s Dad
  • Shulman, Constance as Tour Operator
  • Moreau, Jennie as Brenda

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