Way of the Vampire

This cheerfully low-budget riff on the Dracula story from directors Sarah Nean Bruce and Eduardo Durao follows Van Helsing, the immortal vampire hunter, as he battles the evil dead throughout the centuries. Asylum Pictures favorite Rhett Giles stars, alongside Paul Logan, Denise Boutte, Brent Falco, and Anthony Turk.

Way of the Vampire

Title: Way of the Vampire

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Horror, Thriller


  • Bruce, Sarah Nean
  • Durao, Eduardo


  • Giles, Rhett as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
  • Logan, Paul as Dracula
  • Beckett, Andreas as Sebastien
  • Boutte, Denise as Arianna
  • Falco, Brent as Emily
  • Henning, Alix as Yvonne
  • Turk, Anthony as Father Cefalu

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