Walking Tall 3

Kevin Sorbo stars in this action-packed sequel to the hit film, Walking Tall: The Payback. After cleaning up his hometown, Nick (Kevin Sorbo) retires as county sheriff and heads to Dallas where he hopes to start a new life with an FBI Agent and her twelve-year old daughter. Just being “the boyfriend” is tough enough for Nick. When a ruthless drug lord targets several key witnesses to a Federal case, Nick finds himself in the middle of a war with nobody to trust. This time Nick is on their turf and he is pitted against a ferocious army of gang bangers. Nick’s brand of country justice just doesn’t seem to cut it on the rough city streets but he will stop at nothing to protect his own.

Walking Tall 3

Title: Walking Tall 3

Release Date: 2007

Genres: Action

    Directors: Reed, Tripp


  • Sorbo, Kevin as Nick
  • Nipar, Yvette as Katie
  • Sipes, Jennifer as Krystal
  • Ramm, Haley as Samantha
  • Ahmed, Mohammad as Mini Mart Owner
  • Burdick, Benjamin as Agent Russell
  • Chambers, Riley as Lieutenant James
  • Clark, Steve M. as Deputy Sheriff
  • Cruz, Jonny as Ciro
  • Dodge, Bobby as Marshal #1
  • Fitzgerald, Brian Scott as Police Officer
  • Garrity, Jim as Judge
  • Harbour, Merk as Art
  • Hurst, Jack as Hank
  • Lindner, Larkin as Extra

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