Set at the end of the 60’s as Swaziland is about to receive Independence from Great Britain, the film follows the young Richard E Grant at 12 (Zach Fox) through his parents traumatic separation, till he’s 14 (Nicholas Hoult). It is based on true events from Richard E Grant’s childhood


Title: Wah-Wah

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Drama

    Directors: Grant, Richard E.


  • Byrne, Gabriel as Harry Compton
  • Richardson, Miranda as Lauren Compton
  • Hoult, Nicholas as Ralph Compton
  • Watson, Emily as Ruby Compton
  • Walters, Julie as Gwen Traherne
  • Imrie, Celia as Lady Riva Hardwick
  • Woolgar, Fenella as June Broughton
  • Wadham, Julian as Charles Bingham
  • Fox, Zac as Young Ralph Compton
  • Roberts, Ian as John Traherne
  • Richard, Michael as Tobias
  • Mitchell, Sid as Vernon
  • Grant, Olivia as Monica
  • Carlisle, John as Sir Gifford Hardwicke
  • Matshikiza, John as Dr. Zim Mzimba

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