In Berkeley, Australia, a meteor shower transforms the locals in zombies. A group of survivals fight against the zombies and try to escape to another town. However, they find that aliens built a wall around the area and are abducting the people.


Title: Undead

Release Date: 2003

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

    Directors: Spierig, Michael


  • Mason, Felicity as Rene
  • McKay, Mungo as Marion
  • Jenkins, Rob as Wayne
  • Cunningham, Lisa as Sallyanne
  • Hunter, Dirk as Harrison
  • Randall, Emma as Molly
  • Grieg, Steve as Agent
  • Sheridan, Noel as Chip
  • Wensley, Gaynor as Aggie
  • Stillman, Eleanor as Ruth
  • Moore, Robyn as Officer in Locker Room
  • Jozinovic, Robert as Man in Office
  • Mensforth, Peter as Cricket Batsman
  • Andriolo, Jacob as Yougn Cricketer
  • Steel, Michele as Screamer

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