UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine

Waylon and Buddy decide to join the army as it appears to be their best option. But when they realize that they are part of a group that have been thrown into a medical experiment facility with a doctor who plans on turning them into ultimate killing machines, they must fight to destroy his other creations and save themselves.

UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine

Title: UKM: The Ultimate Killing Machine

Release Date: 2006

Genres: Horror

    Directors: Mitchell, David


  • Madsen, Michael as Major Blevins
  • Fyfe, Mak as Waylon
  • Arbuckle, Steve as Buddy
  • Nestorowicz, Victoria as Zoe Snow
  • Mackinnon, Erin as Carrie
  • Northwood, Simon as Sgt. Dodds
  • Dezmari, Deanna as Lena
  • Evans, John as Dr. Stroheim
  • Parrott, Billy as PFC Delroy
  • Cross, Glen as Orderly
  • Berry, Erin as Scrub
  • Russel, Lincoln as Lennox
  • Loane, Chris as Flinty Eyed Corporal
  • Vazquez, John-Philip as Recruitment Officer
  • Scratch, Michael as Orderly #2

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