Two Weeks Notice

Explores the question of whether it’s ever too late to say ‘I love you’. The story revolves around Lucy Kelson (Bullock), a brilliant but neurotic attorney, and her client (Grant), who is “charming, irresponsible and fabulously wealthy.” Witt plays a young Harvard graduate who also represents Grant’s character.

Two Weeks Notice

Title: Two Weeks Notice

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Comedy, Romance

    Directors: Lawrence, Marc


  • Bullock, Sandra as Lucy Kelson
  • Grant, Hugh as George Wade
  • Witt, Alicia as June Carver
  • Ivey, Dana as Ruth Kelson
  • Klein, Robert as Larry Kelson
  • Burns, Heather as Meryl Brooks
  • Haig, David as Howard Wade
  • Missick, Dorian as Tony
  • Badalucco Jr., Joseph as Construction Foreman
  • Dokuchitz, Jonathan as Tom
  • Cox, Veanne as Melanie Corman
  • LaManna, Janine as Elaine Cominsky
  • Polanco, Iraida as Rosario
  • Maier, Charlotte as Helen Wade
  • Winnick, Katheryn as Tiffany

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