Joe Hickley thinks he’s got a great scheme: kidnap the child of rich parents, hold it for 24 hours, keeping the mother under his control while an accomplice gets the ransom from the father, who is on a trip. But things go very wrong when he tries this scheme on the Jennings family, in part because their daughter Abby is asthmatic, and in part because the Jennings’ find out more than Hickley wants them to know.


Title: Trapped

Release Date: 2002

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

    Directors: Mandoki, Luis


  • Theron, Charlize as Karen Jennings
  • Love, Courtney as Cheryl Hickey
  • Townsend, Stuart as William Jennings
  • Bacon, Kevin as Joe Hickey
  • Vince, Pruitt Taylor as Marvin
  • Fanning, Dakota as Abigail Jennings
  • Rankin, Steve as Hank Ferris
  • Chalk, Gary as Agent Chalmers
  • Markell, Jodie as Mary McDill
  • Koby, Matt as Peter McDill
  • Becker, Gerry as Dr. Stein
  • Airlie, Andrew as Holden
  • Lynne, Randi as Hotel Operator
  • Camp, Colleen as Joan Evans
  • Bivens, J.B. as Gray Davidson

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