Transporter 2

In Miami, the professional driver Frank Martin is working temporarily for the Billings family, transporting their son Jack while his driver is on vacation. Mr. Billings is an important member of the government and Mrs. Audrey Billings trusts on Frank, who promises to protect the boy. When Jack is kidnapped by a mercenary hired by the Colombian cartels, Frank faces the criminals and the Miami police force trying to rescue the kid. When the boy returns to his family, Jack discloses the real and lethal intention of the abduction of Jack.

Transporter 2

Title: Transporter 2

Release Date: 2005

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Leterrier, Louis


  • Statham, Jason as Frank Martin
  • Gassman, Alessandro as Gianni
  • Valletta, Amber as Audrey Billings
  • Nauta, Kate as Lola
  • Modine, Matthew as Mr. Billings
  • Flemyng, Jason as Dimitri
  • David, Keith as Stappleton
  • Clary, Hunter as Jack Billings
  • Briggs, Shannon as Max
  • Berléand, François as Tarconi
  • Tong, Raymond as Rastaman
  • Kapetan, George as Dr. Sonovitch
  • Chase, Jeff as Vasily
  • Weiner, Gregg as Tipov
  • Davis, Gregg as Techie at Billings

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