A former L.A. drug dealer (Thomas Jane) has moved to Houston to make a new life for himself as a married architect. Everything falls apart when he is suddenly visited by one of his former cohorts (Aaron Eckhart) who comes carrying heroin. Discovering the dope, the architect flushes it down the drain. This sets up a series of tough customers seeking the dope including a rasta hitman (Glenn Plummer), an ex-lover (Paulina Porizkova) who ties up and rapes James, a criminal (James LeGros) with a penchant for torture, and a rogue cop (Mickey Rourke). Michael Jeter also appears as a psychologist from an adoption agency where the couple is seeking to adopt a child.


Title: Thursday

Release Date: 1998

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

    Directors: Woods, Skip


  • Jane, Thomas as Casey
  • Eckhart, Aaron as Nick
  • Porizkova, Paulina as Dallas
  • LeGros, James as Billy Hill
  • Marshall, Paula as Christine
  • Jeter, Michael as Dr. Jarvis
  • Plummer, Glenn as Rasta Man
  • Rourke, Mickey as Kasarov
  • Hari, Luck as Cashier
  • Willerford, Bari K. as Cop
  • Wong, Richard as Mr. Wong
  • Howard, Shawn Michael as Jimmy
  • Dourdan, Gary as Ballpean
  • Hooks, Brian as Jary
  • Sanders, Jeff as Ballpean”s Bodyguard

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